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Anežka Hošková

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The work of Anežka Hošková can be linked to the international current of mythical, associative painting or drawing and post-Internet aesthetics. It is formed through dialogue with artists pursuing this orientation on the Czech as well as international scenes. Nevertheless, in addition to the rather formal similarities Hošková developed an original style, which is not only connected to the means of expression in the sphere of contemporary art but also with her interest in alternative music and DIY culture, fashion or the layering of image-textual information on social media. Her work freely penetrates through all these areas, which often serve as a source of inspiration for her thematically as well as mechanically challenging works. From the exhibition of paintings and installations Hošková’s work mutates into the posters for the music festival Creepy tepee, which she co-organizes, or it transforms into a daily whirlwind of pictures downloaded from the Internet or found in old magazines through the layering of which Hošková’s Facebook page, as well as the “visual database” in her studio, become a thaumaturgic synthesis of eroticism, peculiar styles, cats, religion symbols and bizarre situations, which are often used as a flashing background for her DJ performances, or that close the circle by returning to the gallery environment remodelled into a series of collages photographed on a mobile phone (Tropical Winter, 2013). Last but not least, Anežka is her own creation with her iconic appearance that is the missing piece of the entire jigsaw puzzle.

During her studies in the Studio of Václav Stratil at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, Hošková pursued primarily painting. Her paintings that are characteristic with their sharp, almost calligraphic line and clearly defined coloured surfaces opened up a game with autobiographic motives and a desire to capture the surrounding world interwoven with symbols out of which at that time the artist was fascinated by primarily those connected with death and darkness. For example, in her series of large-format acrylics on canvas titled I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness (2006) the surrealistically toned paintings are intermingled with hearts and spades with thorny plants producing mysterious constructions or coffins and creatures balancing on an imaginary rope between power and decay. In her most recent work Hošková’s style is showing a sense of ease and her originally sharp boundary between painting and drawing is wiped. Black lines often define bleeding watercolour, motives are finer and rather than being a dark game of life and death, they are becoming a sensitive balance over a rhythm, through which seemingly non-homogenous visual elements are grouped to ecstatic and melancholic units (Egyptian Reggae, 2010, BLKFLMNGO II., 2011).

Although drawing and painting continue to be the cardinal media for Hošková, in many of her projects she works with their overlapping – she’s had a number of large-format paintings on gallery walls and recently she has also had installations or performances. Hošková collects symbols and spiritually charged motives, as well as often bizarre artefacts, which transform a painting to an object (Bongo Bongo 2012), or they become completely solitary and from an exhibition they form a small world for themselves (The New Dark Age of Love, Galerie výtvarného umění Cheb, 2013). In her exhibition Vlčice noci (Bitch Wolf of the Night) in Karlin Studios (2014) the artist was a part of her installation made up of a pair of paintings and a dining table with her head sticking out of the centre of the table. Her artificial hair extensions woven between mirrored pillars created an impression of a Medusa, whose mythical decapitation added to the bewitching image. This action became the embryo of a more long-term project Analogue Witch, which the artist subsequently developed, for example in the exhibition Graphical Design in the Centre for Contemporary Art Futura (2014).

Anežka Hošková managed to create her own microcosm where everything is related. Intertwined here are boundaries between “high” art and pop culture, visual art and music, artwork and everydayness, conviction and irony. This world is ruled by distinctive humour, slightly perverted romance and positively tuned witchcraft, which are maybe exactly those ingredients that add to the authenticity and originality of Hošková’s work.

Author of the annotation
Karina Kottová


Anežka Hošková, like many of her peers in the time of puberty, was influenced by the medially aggressive pop culture of the 1990s, which thanks to its obscenity diverted her to alternative and later DIY culture. Studying did not have a significant influence on her personal expression, it served more as an entry ticket to the art scene and to a wider circle of professional friends.

The foundation of Anežka Hošková’s work originates in the will to emotionally transform the world. She transforms the desire to create its new image into music, paintings and lately also into installations and performances. She surrounds herself daily with her vision and ideals and even with her clothing and vegan mint green lipstick, she gradually fills the gesamtkunstwerk, which has manifested also in several pieces of porcelain, which she has recently tried to paint. Her work has recently shifted from paintings and drawings to digital collages, which are saturated with the aesthetics of post-Internet art and simultaneously contain her art and craft experience. The complexity of the virtual world, which she has fallen into through the inspirational blogs of various music groups and Facebook profiles, is one of the reasons that is currently suppressing her real production. Her first paintings were areally coloured contours of surreal figures and environment. Later she switched to watercolour, which became a characteristic expression for her when she works with randomly clinging pigment. In her installations, she creates symbolic still life, altars and initiation boards using her own paintings, collages and readymades such as pineapples and palm trees. The strong hedonistic charge, which is most manifested in Anežka’s digital production, is inseparable from her expression filled with empty spiritual symbols. Life on-line presumes great knowledge of the visual effect of work, which is confirmed by the positive feedback to her contributions.

At the same time Anežka Hošková gained naturally participative experience from the projects Indie Twins (Djs Anežka Hošková and Jakub Hošek), A.M.180 Collective, Gothic Disneyland (Anežka Hošková, Jakub Hošek, Nik Timková). Similarly to Martin Kohout, for example, she belongs to one of the representatives of Czech post-Internet art.

Author of the annotation
Denisa Bytelová



2001-2007 Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology, painting studio of Petr Kvíčala, and intermedia studio of Václav Stratil
1997-2001 Secondary School of Applied Arts, Prague

2006 Facultas des Bellas Artes, Spain/Cuenca
2003 Imparmuveszeti Egyetem, Hungary/Budapest

2005 School of the Art Institute of Ghicago v.s Akademie Výtvarných Umění v Praze
Galerie Doubner, Praha
Eastern Alliance 2, Galerie Motorenhalle, Drážďany/Něměcko
Member of art groups not included in ARTLIST.
Je členkou A.M.180 Collective, ktery provozuje od roku 2003 Galerii A.M.180 v Praze.
S bratrem Jakubem Hoškem tvoří uměleckou dvojici Indie Twins.
Od srpna 2002 do května 2003 moderovala hudební pořad „Migréna“, zaměřený na alternativn


Solo exhibitions
Anežka Hošková: Gothic Kitchen, INI Gallery, Prague
Anežka Hošková: The New Dark Age of Love, Galerie výtvarného umění v Chebu, Malá galerie, Cheb

Anežka Hošková: "Candy Walls", Fenester Výloha pro současné umění, Prague

Anežka Hošková: BLKFLMNGO, Galerie U mloka, Olomouc

Anežka Hošková: Egyptian Reggae, Galerie 35m2, Prague

Jakub Hošek: Let me rule/Nechte mě vládnout, Galerie Jiří Švestka, Biskupský dvůr, Prague

H´art gallery, Bukurest
INDIE TWINS, (spolecne s Jakubem Hoskem), Galerie 5.patro, Prague

Ráda žiju, když ostatní spí, soumrak mi vždycky dává znamení, Galerie mladých, Brno, (+Ladislava Gažiová jako host)
I must be one of the devil´s daughters,Galerie Altán Klamovka, Prague
Múchy sa nechcú sprátať do kože, (společně s Jakubem Hoškem a Ladislavou Gažiovou), Galerie Fuka, Košice/Slovensko
TROUBLE EVERY DAY/ Moje žvejkačka ma hořkou chuť jako vůně tvoji krve, (společně s Josefem Bolfem a M.S. Bastienem), Galerie 5.patro, Prague
YUM-YUM YOGA, (společně s Andersem Gronlienem), Galerie Na stěně, Prague
KORNELI, JSI TO TY ?, (společně s Ladislavou Gažiovou), Galerie města Blansko, Blansko
TUTTI-FRUTTI YOGA, (+ Anders Gronlien jako host), Galerie Dole, Ostrava

Melancólia, (společně s Jakubem Hoškem a Ladislavou Gažiovou), Galerie Nod,Prague
Melancólia 2, (společně s Jakubem Hoškem a Ladislavou Gažiovou), Galerie VŠUP, Prague

V pochmurném peří úvah, jak vrána kráčím osaměle, Divadlo 7 a půl, Brno

Co se to kurva děje, sem magnet na homoděje (je jich plno všade), Galerie Etc, Praha
Indie twins (společně s Jakubem Hoškem), Galerie Eskort,Brno

AN-DA-Fun for everybody, (spolecne s Davidem Adamcem), Galerie Skříňka BJ, Praha
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Poezie prostoru - prostor poezie, Topičův salon (2007-), Praha
Současná česká malba / Contemporary Czech Painting, Galerie Národní technické knihovny (Galerie NTK), Praha
Vlčice noci, Galerie Alternativa, Jihlava
Anežka Hošková, Jakub Hošek: Paranoid Couch Potato, Prinz Prager Gallery, Praha - Holešovice

Altruismus: Kunst aus Tschechien heute, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn
Re-romantic 2, Galerie Šternberk, Šternberk
Anežka Hošková + HLG (SWE): Timoka Golem, A. M. 180, Praha

Nechte mě vlánout, Galerie Jiří Švestka, Biskupský dvůr, Praha

9. aukční salon výtvarníků - 382 dárců pro Konto Bariéry, Karolinum, výstavní síň, Prague
INTRO 518 TEĎ 69 TEĎ* TEĎ 180 BONUS Q TRACK!, Karlin Studios, Prague
Moderní a poválečné umění, současné umění, fotografie, Galerie 5. patro, Prague
Eva Koťátková: Výtvarná výchova, Karlin Studios, Prague

Václav Stratil a žáci jeho atelieru na FaVU Brno, Galerie Jána Šmoka, Jihlava
I like pizza,(jako host Ladi Gažiové), Galerie Půda, Jihlava
Múchy sa nechcú sprátať do kože, Galeria Fuka(vestibul auly Tuka), Košice/Slovensko
MOBILITY,A.M. 180 gallery container, Haidplatz, Regensburg/Něměcko
Hvězdy, Galerie Brno, Brno
Brněnský altruismus, Galerie Kritiků-Palác Adria, Praha
Fluff fest 2007, A.M. 180 stage, Rokycany
The Collectors: Live Re¬Edit, Galerie Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Brno
Vzpomínka za kterou se stydím, Galerie AVU, Praha
Sucasne ceske umenie, gallery Kressling, Bratislava/Slovensko
Small Scale, gallery Kressling, Bratislava/Slovensko

Hot stuff, Galerie Stanica, Žilina, SK
GIRLS, Café Prague, London
TEMERAF, Galerie Eskort ,Brno (jako host Ladislavy Gažiové)
Subkultura 2006, mystic sk8 cub, Praha
Fluff fest 2006, european hardcore summercamp, Rokycany
3. ročník malířského sympozia, Galerie Brno, Brno

Eastern aliance 2, Motorenhalle,Dresden
Sister and Me, Galerie Doubner, Praha
Love – Art – Religion – War – Decadence – Death, Galerie Doubner, Praha
KOSMIX, Galerie GPS art gate, Praha
Criss/Cross 05, Zámecká galerie Skály-Bischofstein
Že je to špatné, ale ještě horší, Galerie AVU,Praha

Criss/Cross 04, Broumov
FreeDim Fest, kulturní centrum Sedm, Tábor
Bylo, nebylo, Galerie moderního umění, Hradec Králové
Bylo,nebylo, Galerie výtvarného umění v Chebu

Hlavně že je pes zdravej, Univerzální prostor NoD, Praha
Deset let FaVU, Dům umění, Brno
am3, Galerie Milana Zezuly, Městské divadlo Brno

Mladý maso, Galerie hl. města Prahy – Dům U zlatého prstenu, Praha

Artrocksedativefrequencies, kulturní centrum Sedm, Tábor
Z Čech na Moravu a z Moravy do Čech, Zámecká galerie, Náměšť na Hané
Magnetic Fields, Galerie Jelení, Praha

Jarní sráči, Galerie Myslíkova, Praha

Podzimní spáči, Galerie Myslíkova, Praha



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