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Eugenio Percossi

First Name
Birth place
Avezzano (Italy)
Place of work
Prague and Roma
installation art
CSU Library
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About artist

Percossi’s expressive process has a need to continually develop along various trajectories, all the while seeking out – each time through a different means of expression (installation, photography, drawing, video) – the most suitable manner of formally defining all phases (or individual tiles) of the mosaic of creativity.


Embarking down roads which constantly disappear and reappear, the artist examines the ability of art to visually manifest at once both the transmutability of being and the congruence of its substance. Percossi ceaselessly attempts to sketch the profile of a single human being in an attempt to track down the common denominator in which humanity may recognize and subsequently accept its original gene and fated disposition, gravitating towards universality, relying at the same time on the inexplicit power of memory and image; and in grappling with themes such as death or the illusion of immortality, attempts to grasp reality, or better yet: life. An undying search for that wellspring from which flow the various streams of existence finds that all streams empty into the gulf of death. The final consequence of bodily decomposition, fateful accident, tragic obsession, as well as the element of salvation: death in its inevitability interests the artist as space for his investigation and as a unit for perceiving time, understood not as a moment but rather as duration and relation. Percossi’s search, although tending toward the unique, finds precisely in its capaciousness (experiences – personal and collective -, identities, places, persons) the instrument to foil the possibility of “taking time to a moment and the creative project to an epiphany”.


[…]Also the frequent need to inquire into the reason for our existence along with the tireless confession of the viewer, who is forced to confront himself, are mechanisms entering into the internal logic of Percossi’s creative work, suiting both the pressing need to maintain engagement of that periphery of propagation and circularity, but also the necessity of activating a layman’s ritual catharsis, so that a person becomes emancipated from the determination of his/her own influence.


The goal is not so much to obtain an adequate response to one’s questions, but rather to amass and archive “reactions”, so that we may reveal if and how the world imparts certain doubts and fears, metabolizes certain events, fosters one’s own hope, and above all so we may determine what kind of illusions to fill our lives with to cloud our own minds.


Emanuela Nobile Mino from catalogue THE END, 2008


Residence Space, 2008, Space, Bratislava
spacetacular, 2008, Tashkeel Arts Center Dubai, curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino and Sam Bardaouil, dubai
Stay, 2003, Castle Trebesice, Czech Republic


Solo exhibitions
neurotic, curated by Dominik Lang, Jeleni Gallery,Prague

Video Screening, curated by Sabrina Vedovotto, a 26cc net project, 26cc, Rome
Black and White, RARE Gallery, New York

Christmas 07, Noua gallery, Bucarest, curated by Aurora Kiraly
COMING IN / COMING OUT OF LIFE (with J. David), MLAC laboratory museum of contemporary art, Rome, curated by Susanna Horvatovičova
Intervallo, East Bohemien gallery, Pardubice, curated by Martin Dostal
cento di questi giorni, Estro Gallery, Padua, curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino

forever, Karlin Studios, Prague

b/w, galerie Jiří Švestka, Prague
Christmas, Sisters, Rome, curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino
Escape, Italian embassy, Prague, curated by Genny Di Bert

Christmas, Estro Gallery, Padua, curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino
Escape, Gallery Alidoro, Pesaro, curated by Stefano Verri

The end, Ashford Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, curated by Mark St. John Ellis
Sisters 01, Gallery Sisters, Rome, curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino

Life, Gallery Estro, Padua, curated by Angela Madesani

The end, Gallery Radost fx, Prague

Composita solvantur, Gallery Approdi, Rome, curated by Francesca Pietracci and Andrea Bellini –
Composita solvantur, Palace of Culture, Pontinia, curated by Andrea Bellini

Ecce Homo, Gallery Approdi, Rome, curated by Francesca Pietracci

Venere a barre, City Gallery of Modern Art, Avezzano, curated by Gianluca Marziani
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Video in progress 3, curated by Kolektiva and photon gallery, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Da qui, curated by Davide Sarchioni, TRECINQUE gallery, Rieti, it
Usine des reves, curated by Cecilia Casorati and Sabrina Vedovotto, 26cc, Rome
Group show,Ugo Ferranti Gallery, Rome
Playlist, Espansione (mobile), curated by Marta Casati, Neon Gallery, Bologna

Slovenska Strela, Hit Gallery, Bratislava Rappresentazioni, curated by Pietro Gaglianò for MEDIARC, Florence
Impression, Design by Donlic, Prague, curated by Senzor gallery VideoKemp2008, Letna Park, Prague by Viktor Cech
SPACEtacular: Artist Exchange Program/Resid, curated ency and Exhibition,
Tashkeel Arts Center Dubai, curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino and Sam
Il Pittore e Il Pesce, A Project by Bruno Lorini, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice
Po Kunde Ti Upadne Pero, Festival Otrlého Diváka, Cinema Aero, Prague

Audiovisual A2, cinema svetozor, Prague, curated by Ales Stuchly and Mark Ther
Gross omestic product, M’ARS gallery, Moscow, curated by Alena Boika and William Hollister
VideoKemp 3, Trebesice Castle, Trebesice (Kutna Hora), curated by Viktor Čech
BaTTiTi e altri echi del cuore, ex convento dei cappuccini, Mesagne (Brindisi), curated by Angelo Melpignano and Francesca Pietracci

CF2, Festival di Arti Visive in Puglia, ex convento dei Domenicani, Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi), curated by Francesca Cavallo,
Smyslu plné pohovky pro Sigmunda Freuda, Design Centrum Czech Republic, Prague, curated by Lenka Zizkova
Innenansicht/Prag 06, Kunst Raum Noe, Vienna, curated by Alberto Di Stefano

Fine Art in Space, Long Island, NY, curated by Heather Stephens
A Moment in Time, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, curated by Noel Kelly, Dublin
VideoKemp, park Klamovka, Prague, curated by V.Čech, M. Salák, L. Sýkorová
Karlin studios (opening), Karlin Studios, Prague
Videovetrina 3, Studio Lipoli, Rome, curated by Pericle Guaglianone

Today’s Portraits, Ado Furlan foundation, Pordenone, curated by Italo Furlan
Within Reach/Na Dosah, Galleria Home, Praga, curated by Veronika Drahotovà
White Project, Galleria Marconi, Cupra Marittima (Ascoli Piceno), curated by Mauro Bianchini
Retentiva,funzioni e disfunzioni della fotografia italiana attuale, Padiglione Italia Giardini di Castello, Venezia, curated by Raffaele Gavarro
"Storia come memoria / memoria come storia”, rome count, curated by Francesca Pietracci

Immagini al portico, Saturarte, Genova, curated by Gabriele Perretta
Signs of light, Palazzo Parissi, Monteprandone (Pesaro), curated by Stefano Verri and Paola Capata
Nel Corpo dell’immagine, XXXVI Prize Vasto, City Museum of Palazzo d’Avalos, Vasto (Chieti), curated by Lorenzo Canova
Perspective, Gallery El Aleph, Rome curated by Paola Capata and Maria Cristina Bastante

Blessed Lemon, Palazzo Burchi, Mondolfo, curated by Paola Capata, Annalisa Transatti and Stefano Verri
ArtconFusion, Museum Laboratory of Contemporary Art of La Sapienza University, Rome, curated by M. Egizia Fiaschetti and Agnese Malatesti
Welcome 02, Exposition Palace, Rome, curated by Francesca Pietracci
Sulla pittura, Gallery Estro, Padua, curated by Elga Pellizzeri, text by Stefania Michelato

Made in Roma / Emerging artists from Rome

Gallery Gabriela Mistral, Santiago del Cile, curated by Antonio Arevalo

Frog – Roman Festival of Young Works,
Rome - Città ideale /città virtuale, Prague, curated by Francesca Pietracci, in cooperation with the Italian Institute of Culture in Prague

S.O.S. - spostamenti orizzonti salvezze, Gallery Romberg House, Latina, curated by Gianluca Marziani
Uomo ambiente territorio, Art and Archeology Museum, San Buono, curated by Francesca



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2000 Composita Solvantur, catalogue - Guida degli artisti contemporanei Roma, with critical text by Emanuela Nobile Mino, edizioni Nuova Anterem


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