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Anna Hulačová

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Anna Hulačová graduated from the Studio of Intermedia Work II (class of Jiří Příhoda) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 2010, she went on a scholarship to the Korean National University of Arts in Soul, South Korea. Hulačová is an essential sculptress who works with Czech folk traditions, aesthetics and rituals coming from the country environment where she grew up. She also draws inspiration from East-Asian art, as well as art brut, sci-fi or personal mythology. Her work bears the elements of mystery, searching for archetypes and the universe. She likes working on the boundaries of the past and the future, where she takes models from the past – for example ancient statues, which are physically preserved but their full meaning is unknown to us. Her work is inspired by masks, which are characteristic for given tribal groups and their rituals. In Anna Hulačová’s interpretation, the rituals are replaced with artistic performances. She successfully combines products of nature – honey plasters, wax, wood, grain, twigs, eggs with folk tradition and completes them with artistic potential, i.e. creative dimension, which gives it order, meaning, message and certain distance with elements of humour and irony. In her work, Hulačová also uses all sorts of technical materials – concrete, silicone, putty, etc. By combining natural and technical materials she indicates the intentional ambiguity, which is cardinal for interpreting her work. She often uses two statues that imaginarily communicate with one another.  She emphasizes trans-cultural overlaps in these dialogues with busts. For example, in her work Close Encounters of Own Kind from the year 2013 – one bust refers to extraterrestrial civilizations (UFO) and the second one to East-Asian inspiration (Buddha). In her work, Anna Hulačová tries to capture the universe, which she transforms to human image in order for it to be more easily understandable. She emphasizes disputableness, which she evokes with her initial descriptiveness, in order to transform it to an abstract position at certain moments of the work process later on. By doing so, she gives the viewers space for their own imagination, while making them a little uncertain.

Dialogues between man and nature, and man and the universe have been key for her from the beginning of her work. She captured attention with her work Grandmother (2010), which she presented at the exhibition of student works at the Academy of Fine Arts. She made the bust from two types of clay, which she processed using a pastry mould and she used cereal straw for the hair. The two types of clay symbolized two countries, where the grandma spent her life – one native and the other one that she moved to after getting married. Symbolism is important for Anna Hulačová. She also used it in her work Kingdom in a Suitcase (2009) for which she received the Essl Art Award in 2009.

In her performances, Anna Hulačová often uses masks and fire. In her performance from 2012 entitled Swarms and Sources she had s scarf on her head, the decoration of which referred to the beak of a bird sitting on a tree; in her performance Situace 31 in Prague’s Pavilion from 2012, she had a mask from wood and honeycombs with wicks with dripping wax, and since the candles were burning, Anna was making drawings from the wax. Recently she has been making convex and concave objects – busts with the basic material being concrete and the descriptive part is represented by a printed photograph – e.g. Beauty and the Beast from 2013. From that year she abandoned drawing, which she used for decorating her statues, and replaced it with photographs. Drawing was essential for example in her works Knight Ivan or Faith (Saint George), both from the year 2012.

Anna Hulačová has exhibited in Prague, for example, in the Gallery Pavilon (2012), Altán Klamovka (2013), Gallery 35m2 (2013) or Gallery 207 (2014). She conceives her exhibition projects as complex installations and she often creates her works for the given exhibition space.

Author of the annotation
Lenka Sýkorová



Academy of Fine Arts, Prague (Jaroslav Róna Róna and Jiří Příhoda)

internship with guest artists - Althea Thauberger

Internship in Seoul, Korea National University of Arts - South Korea

internship with guest artists - Florian Reither (Gelitin)

Internship in the Scottish city of Aberdeen - RGU, Gray School of Art, GB

internship with guest artists - Magdalena Jetelová
internship with guest artists - Zbigniew Libera

Finalist of Jindřich Chalupecký Award


Solo exhibitions
Unlocked Characters, CEAAC, Strasbourg, FR
Humaneness without Labor, (with Vaclav Litvan), INI Gallery / Prostor, Prague

Interpreter I. & Anna Hulačová, (with Jiří Příhoda), hunt kastner, Prague
Distribution of Instincts, French Institute in Prague
Black Light, (with Viktor Takáč), Fotograf Gallery, Prague
Teeth or Horns, (with Vacláv Litvan), Entrance Gallery, Prague

Zemní styk,  s Janem Haubeltem, Pragovka, Praha
Druhá, třetí a pátá rise, Galerie 207, Praha

Holubičky spanilé, kurátor: Michal Pěchouček, Galerie 35m2, Praha
Citovaný komediant, s  Markétou Lisou, kurátorka: Tereza Sochorová-Horáková, Studio Hrdinů, Praha
Face in space, pokřivenost, přirozenost civilizační sebedestrukce a touha po řádu a světle, kurátorka: Lenka Sýkorová, Altán Klamovka, Praha

Situace 31, Galerie Pavilon, Praha
Buď pozdraven skrze jiné světy dvěma dechy, s Janou Doležalovou, Galerie Kabinet, Střítěž

Jedna z možností existencionální podpory humanoidní formy života v lichém dimenzionálním pásmu, Galerie NF, Ústí nad Labem

Poloostrov, s Václavem Litvanem, kurátor: Dominik Lang, Galerie Jelení, Praha
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
#Multiple Times, curated by Frank Campoi, Lage Egal Raum Fuer Aktuelle Kunst, Berlin, DE
Why Are We Afraid of Sunsets?, Gdansk City Gallery, curated by Patrycja Ryłko, Gdansk, PL
From Here to Eternity, Biennale Gherdeina, curated by Adam Budak, Ortisei, IT
2016 Jindřich Chalupecký Award Finalists exhibition, National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace, Prague

The Owl’s Legacy and its Discontents, Department of Moving Images, curated by Adam Budak and Jen Kratochvil, Prague National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace, Prague
Liturgy, Czech Centre, Paris, FR
The Best Tailor in Town, curated by Edith Jeřabková & Jiří Kovanda, hunt kastner, Prague
Kolben Open 2015, Pragovka, Prague
Cannon, Anna Hulačová, Tereza Příhodová, Karolina Rossi, curated by Karina Kottová, Galerie Kostka, Meetfactory, Prague
Lost Form, curated by Milan Mikulaštík, Gallery NTK, National Technical Museum, Prague

Who is director, 4+4 dny v pohybu, kurátoři: Krištof Kintera a Denisa Václavová, Palác U Stýblů, Praha
Drak se probouzí: Současné inspirace východasijským uměním, kurátorka: Petra Polláková, Palác Kinských NG, Praha

Problem is here, 4+4 dny v pohybu, kurátoři: Krištof Kintera a Denisa Václavová, Palác U Stýblů, Praha
Lapidarium, Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, Praha

Diplomanti AVU, Veletržní palác NG, Praha
Opak je pravdou, kurátorka: Karin Kottová, MeetFactory, Praha

Instituceum, navazující projekt student Šalounova ateliéru AVU v Praze, kurátorka: Karin Kottová,  Bývalá prádelna psychiatrické léčebny Bohnice, Praha

Papírové hlavy, kurátorka: Terezie Honsová, Galerie Trafačka, Praha
Trial Trial, Akademie výtvarného umění ve Vídni
JUNGE KUNST AUS CEE, Vienna Insurance Group, Vídeň

ESSL AWARD CEE, Essl Museum, Vídeň
ESSL AWARD CEE , Veletržní palác NG, Praha
Drazí, Galerie Půda, Jihlava
CHEQUE DE REALITE, Academy shopping centre, Aberdeen, GB



Odhalení sochy, Třeboň, 2014


Citovaný komediant, Studio Hrdinů, 2013


Opak je pravdou, MeetFactory, Praha, 2012


Poloostrov, Galerie Jelení, Praha, 2009




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