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Ivana Lomová

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Ivana Lomová began her career in the late 1980s as an illustrator of magazines and books (she provided the illustrations for 25 books, mostly written for children), and a maker of animated films. Since the start of the 1990s she has focused on fine art.


To begin with she worked with pastels and had her first solo exhibition in 1997 at the Špála Gallery in Prague. Since then she has worked with photographic templates, especially with pictures from her family album featuring photos of her childhood. Recreation was the theme of most of these works: a swimming pool, the beach at Slapy, a walk with children in a park, a park in Florida (dating back to when she lived with her parents in the USA). Though her pictures are very realistic, they are not hyper-realistic paintings in the true sense of the word, i.e. simply exact repainting and enlargements of photos. Lomová is more interested in the link between photographic objectivity and her own subjective memories. Her pictures are not simply a dry depiction of a given scene, but convey a certain irony, sarcasm and nostalgia.


The same can be said for the rest of her output, also associated for the most part with her family, childhood and children, and always featuring her own emotional experiences.


In 1999, Lomová switched to oils. She painted a cycle of pictures entitled Men and Women, which examines the question of male and female identity. The romantic scenes of these paintings are permeated by what is sometimes almost a caustic irony. She is unafraid of paraphrasing the work of other artists, e.g. Mánes. In the painting Mánesáci – Evening, she replaces the female nude with a male. After this comes the cycle Childhood, in which Lomová returns to her own childhood, as well as reflecting upon her experience as a mother, painting portraits of her own children. This cycle reveals the results of the artist’s encounter with psychoanalysis, and many of the pictures, though depicting the joyful world of children, are imbued with an existential experience of reality in which time comes to a standstill in a kind of suspended motionlessness.


From 2002 to 2004, Lomová created the cycle Till Death Do Us Part, in which she photographed married friends of hers and then painted them. She was interested in the mystery of the relationships of people who share their lives together. In 2005, she created the cycle Time. Her inspiration came from some time she spent in a calm English coastal town called Worthing, where old people move from London to spend their retirement years. Lomová painted them on the basis of photos she took. The paintings depict the tranquillity experienced by these people as they sit on the beach, as well as the sadness, the loneliness, and the impending sense of the end. These pictures are also powerfully existentialist in character.


After 2000, she created another cycle entitled Night, in which she analysed her own transcribed dreams. Here we encounter melancholic landscapes populated by unidentifiable figures (see, for instance, Evening Spectre).


In 2005 and 2006, Lomová painted the cycle Paradise, inspired by her stay in Guatemala. Paintings of tropical landscapes are free of existential angst and full of strong sensory perceptions, the artist’s intoxication with the sun, and lush vegetation. However, this is not simply sensory stupefaction: the paintings also contain an element of mystery, a consistent feature of Lomová’s oeuvre.


An existential subtext returns in the cycle Solitude (2007-2009), which depicts solitary figures, sometimes in intimate situations, for instance in a bathtub. Other paintings show people looking out of windows, empty rooms, a solitary figure, a cat, or a single item. A window is almost always present, the sole mediator between here and there. The latest of the artist’s cycles to date is a series of pictures called Coffee Bars, painted between 2009 and 2011. These depict the familiar intimacy of a coffee bar atmosphere, places where not only clusters of friends gather, but solitary individuals too. They represent oases of tranquillity within the desert of a busy city. Coffee bars as a point of repose, in which time flows in a different way.


Lomová’s paintings, though transcriptions of a reality caught in photographs, are in the end an interpretation of what she sees. The artist transposes, elides, selects, adds, and relies on her fantasies, experiences and emotions. In doing so she creates pictures that go deeper than photography. What at first sight appears to be ordinary scenery is revealed to be a powerful experience and a reflection on that depicted. Nothing is simply surface or appearance. We can always follow... into the unknown. Life as a secret, as unexplored places. This is what is most exciting in the work of Ivana Lomová.



Author of the annotation
Ivona Raimanová


1978-1983 Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University, Prague

2010 Celeste Prize - finalist, international competition in contemporary art - painting
2006 The Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year of 2005 (2nd Prize, Ladislav Klíma, Slavná Nemesis, the Aulos Publishing House)
2006 3. cena - Art Colony, Avsenik, Slovenia
1995 The Graphic of the Year of 1994 (Cena Středoevropské galerie a nakladatelství / The Award of the Central European Gallery and Publishing House)

Symposiums and Residencies:
2011 Borgo Finocchietta, Italy
2009 Cill Riallaig, Kerry, Ireland
2008 International workshop Slovenia open to Art, Sinji Vrh, Slovania
2007 Vermont studio center, US
2006 International Visual Art Colony, Avsenik, Slovenia
2005 Casa Zina Lia, Elba, Italy
2003 10. Ročník výtvarného symposia Dílna 03, Mikulov
2002 9. ročník výtvarného symposia Dílna 02, Mikulov (as a curator).
2001 8. ročník výtvarného sympozia Dílna 01, Mikulov


Solo exhibitions
Kavárny, Česká pojišťovna, Praha
Ivana Lomová, Wortnerův dům, AJG, České Budějovice

Kočka a já, Galerie 5. patro, Praha
Sesterstvo, Galerie Fotografic, Praha
Slávia, Galerie Via Art. Praha

Pták Ohnivák, Galerie české pojišťovny, Praha

Ráj, Galerie Via Art, Praha
Ivana Lomová 2003-2006, Galerie umění Karlovy Vary- Letohrádek Ostrov
Noc, Galerie Vltavín, Praha
Ivana Lomová , Východočeská galerie v Pardubicích

Dokud nás smrt nerozdělí, Galerie české pojišťovny, Praha

Štěstí, Galerie Via Art, Praha
Ivana Lomová , Galerie Mona Lisa, Olomouc

Pod Dekou, České Centrum , Berlin (kat. Martina Pachmanová)
Dítě Uvnitř, Moravská galerie v Brně-Atrium Pražákova paláce

Ivana Lomová , Galerie Pintner, Frankfurt n /M, Německo

Ivana Lomová , Galerie Kampf, Basel, Švýcarsko
Tance v Předsíni, Galerie v Kapli, Bruntál

Pod Dekou, Galerie MXM, Praha

Muži a Ženy, Galerie Václava Špály, Praha (kat. Milena Slavická)

Výlet do lesa, Galerie Litera, Praha

Život je dobrý, Galerie Malá Špálovka, Praha

Ivana Lomová , Galerie u Prstenu, Praha

Ivana Lomová , Galerie Fronta, Praha
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Místo pro imaginaci, Galerie Klementinum, Praha (Prague)
A Place for Imagination, Delegation of Prague to the EU (Pražský dům), Brusel (Bruxelles)

Ř! Česká národní identita v současném umění, Galerie Vysoké školy uměleckoprůmyslové (Galerie VŠUP), Praha 1 (Prague)

Obrazy mysli / Mysl v obrazech, Moravské uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum, Brno

Sbírka /výběr/ Mikulovská výtvarná sympozia Dílna 1994 - 2010, Galerie Malostranská beseda, Praha (Prague)

Temná noc, jasná noc - měsíc a noc v českém výtvarném umění 19. a 20. století, Wortnerův dům AJG, České Budějovice
Regional-Global Part I: Současné umění ze sbírky Mikulovského výtvarného sympozia "dílna" Česká republika - Rakousko, Grünspan: Plattform für Kunst und Kultur im Drautal

Čtrnáct S, DOX -centrum současného umění, Praha (kat. Milena Slavická))

Autoportrét v českém umění 20. a 21.století, Alšova jihočeská galerie v Hluboké nad Vltavou

Příští stanice Arkadia, Galerie moderního umění v Roudnici n. Labem,Landschloss Pirna-Zuchendorf, Germany

Imprese. , Galerie Rudolfinum, Praha (kat. Simona Vladíková)

Současné ČESKÉ umění, dialog umění Prahy a Rigy, Riga, Lotyšsko
Mikulovské výtvarné symposium "dílna", výběr 94-02, České centrum, Vídeň
Aqua Art. , Galerie kritiků, Palác Adria

Vizionáři a vypravěči, Junge Tschechische Kunst-Teil 1: Malerei, Kulturabteilung Bayer, Leverkusen, , Dortmagen, Německo (kat. kurátor T. Pospiszil)
Česká grafika- půlstoletí proměn moderní grafické tvorby, Galerie Mánes, Praha

Memory, Comenius Museum, Naarden, Holandsko (kat. Radek Váňa)
Pravděpodobná malba. , České centrum, Berlín.

Melancholie, Moravská galerie, Brno (kat. Kaliopi Chamonikola)
Pravděpodobná malba, Galerie Mánes, Praha (kat. Vlasta Čiháková - Noshiro)
Dva konce století, České muzeum výtvarných umění - Dům U černé Matky Boží, Praha ( (kat. Jan Kříž )
Periferic.4. , Iasi, Rumunsko
Girls Show 2000. , Artexpo, Bukurešť, Rumunsko (kat. Radek Váňa)
Portrét roku 2000, Gallery Klatovy/Klenová CR

Pražský hrad dětem. , Císařská konírna Pražského hradu

Česká litografie 90, Muzeum hl. města Prahy
Galerie Klatovy / Klenová
Sbírka umění města Benešova
Sbírka současného moderního umění města Mikulova
Sorosovo centrum současného umění Praha
Soukromé sbírky v ČR i v zahraničí
Univerzita Karlova, Praha
Other realisations



Ladislav Klíma: Slavná Nemesis, nakladatelství Aulos




Večírek (10 min.), / Party (10min) - subject, scenario, artlist

director: Boris Baromykin, Krátký film Praha / Short Film Prague



Ivana Lomová. Texty: Ivana Lomová, Hynek Rulíšek. AJG, Hluboká nad Vltavou, 2011

Ivana Lomová, Kavárny. Text: Ivana Lomová. Galerie České pojišťovny, Praha, 2011

Ivana Lomová, Pták Ohnivák. Text: Simona Vladíková. Galerie České pojišťovny, Praha, 2008

Ivana Lomová, 2003-2006. Texty: Ivana Lomová, Milena Slavická. Galerie umění, Karlovy Vary, 2007

Ivana Lomová, Dokud nás smrt nerozdělí. Text: Milena Slavická. Galerie České pojišťovny, 2005

Ivana Lomová, Muži a ženy. Text: Milena Slavická. Galerie Václava Špály, Praha, 1999

Ivana Lomová, Život je dobrý. Text: Milena Slavická. Galerie Václava Špály, 1997


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