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Jana Babincová

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About artist

Jana Babincová has been working with the principle of coding for many years. Her paintings feature forms of geometric abstraction with sharp lines and edges. However, the encoded content is usually very personal and emotional, from the text of a prayer in five languages, to a letter to an unborn daughter, to the tones of her favourite song. In most of her paintings encoding texts, Babincová tends to work with the intuitive possibilities of decoding images rather than the precise deciphering of individual content by the viewer. In addition to text, the artist works with music and sound, as well as with structures derived from everyday life. Most projects are based on a simple inspiration. However, there then follows the process of realisation, finding the principle of coding, and transcription, which depends on the character of individual projects. The resulting paintings are characterised by a precision bordering the digital image. The personal component of individual themes is often only hinted at by colour scheme or fleeting symbols.

In her most recent projects Babincová expands considerably the theme of encoded images, branches out into other media, and explores the relationship between painting, sound and object as well as performance. At the exhibition in Gallery Aula at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology (Leave a Message, 2011) she reacted with a mural to the event entitled Test Lab - Solo (2011) by Roman Štětina, in which the artist shatters glass side drums by drumming. Here Babincová worked with mathematical sequences and the possibility of a visual transcription of sound. In the project for Berlin Model (Suchý bod, 2012) she combined a mural inspired by the ingredients of sushi with her own food in a visual food tasting performance. This was followed by Dance Floor (2012), during which she recorded a visual transcription of her own dance performance on the floor of Gallery A.M.180. As part of the international group exhibition 16 - 20 000Hz organised at MeetFactory in 2013, Babincová introduced an installation derived from the rhythm of a song by The Present Moment. The artist transferred the individual tones and rhythms in accordance with preset rules to a line of six hundred hanging coloured sticks of wood that remind the viewer of an audio mixing console. Her most recent project Trans/in/form (2013) is a synthesis of painting and object. The theme is communication, though in abstracted form. The work is about the principle of transferring information between people and the shifts in meaning that take place in interpersonal communication. The output comprises two spatial cubes handing on the wall that define expressively and individually, though in this case somewhat more organically, the colour surface in a way that is typical of Babincová.

What is common to Babincová’s paintings and installations is the fact they evoke a certain previous action or message, which they summarise in a single moment that is visually arresting and yet a depersonalised, universal record. They engage the viewer’s imagination but in a non-directive way. They do not require strict decoding and do not force their content on the public. They are more like an autonomous record that only hints at the possibilities of reconstructing the original inspiration.

Author of the annotation
Karina Kottová



2002–2006 FaVU VUT Brno, ateliér Malba III., doc. MgA. Petr Kvíčala (MgA.)
(diplomová práce – Nevýtvarné principy geometrické abstrakce – vedoucí Jiří Valoch)
1997–2002 PdF UP Olomouc, výtvarná výchova – německý jazyk (Mgr.)
(diplomová práce – Periferie – vedoucí Mgr. David Jedlička)
1992–1997 SHŠ Světlá, Velké Meziříčí, management cestovního ruchu

Residencies, stipends:
2010 Environmental Art Society Dannaz, Utrecht, Nizozemí
2008 Mezinárodní malířské sympozium, Michalovce, Slovensko
2008 Elia asociation Bloom! Projekt, Brusel, Belgie
2007 Residenční pobyt v Kuenstlerhaus Schafhof, Freising, Německo
2004 Universidad des Bellas Artes, Cuenca, Španělsko

Other activities:
2013 Koncepce výtvarných dílen a lektorská činnost pro Studentskou Art Akademii
2008-2013 Koncepce a koordinace projektu UMakArt: You Make Art, platforma propojující mladé lidi a současné umění
2010-2012 Umělecké dílny zaměřené na propojování výtvarného umění, hudby a tance, DOX, Letní Letná, Vyšehrátky, KC Zahrada, galerie INI
2010-2011 Spolupráce s architektonickým studiem Cígler a Marani v Praze a AtelieR v Olomouci
2009-2010 Lektorská činnost, Centrum současného umění DOX, Praha
2009-2010 Výtvarné dílny, Kulturní Centrum Zahrada, Praha
2008-2009 Externí spolupráce s lektorským oddělením Muzea Kampa, Praha
2004-2009 Jazyková škola Skřivánek, Vyškov, Praha


Solo exhibitions
TRANS/IN/FORM, Galerie Prokopka, Praha

BE IN 18, Berlínskej model, Praha
DANCEFLOOR, Galerie AM 180, Praha
SUCHÝ BOD, Berlínskej model, Praha

PAINTINGS, Smíchovské Benefice, Praha
HARD EDGE, Muzeum Vyškovka, Vyškov

CODE IT!, Galerie Mladých, BKC, Brno

FLOWER-POWER, internetová Galerie Perkof

THE WORLD IS MINE…AND YOURS, Městská knihovna Vyškov
THE BEST OF, Galerie T.I.C., Vyškov

DECODE IT, Galerie Caesar, Olomouc

JABA&MUTANT, Galerie Půda, Český Těšín (s Jaroslavem Matulou)

V.I.P., MEMORY BOX, Hořící dům, Olomouc (se Zuzanou Ryšánkovou)
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
16 - 20 000Hz, Galerie Meetfactory, Praha
Blackwille, festival Street for Art, Praha
2 ptáci+, Divadlo Reduta, Brno

Současná česká malba, galerie NTK, Praha

Zanechte zprávu, Galerie Aula, Brno
Galerie INI, Bubenská 1, Praha
Galerie Ratolest v Cafe 99, Brno
Galerie ve Hřbitovním kostele, Vyškov

Environmental Art Society Dannaz, Utrecht, Nizozemsko

Malířské sympozium, Galerie MKS Michalovce, Slovensko
Normální dětství, Galerie Ratolest Brno
Studenti+, Divadlo Reduta, Brno

Ruční Pila, Galerie Sýpka, Valašské Meziříčí
Alle Neun, Galerie in Schafhof, Freising, Německo

Móda nemóda neboli Ein Kessel Buntes, Galerie C2C, Praha
Studio AM3, Galerie Gaudeamus, Ostrava
The&, výstava diplomantů FaVU VUT Brno
15 let Katedry výtvarné výchovy PdF UP Olomouc, výroční výstava

COLORMAKERS – výstava skupiny, klášter Plasy

WORKSHOP, Galerie zámku Valašské Meziříčí
Malba 3 – Výstava ateliéru Malířství III. FaVu VUT Brno, Městské divadlo Brno

Výstava studentů Katedry výtvarné výchovy PdF UP Olomouc, Galerie Výpad
Galerie INI
Galerie Ratolest
VUT Brno
Sbírka Marek
Národní galerie, sbírka Jiřího Valocha
Hotel Bloom! Brusel, Belgie
Fakultní nemocnice Olomouc
Soukromé sbírky


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