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Lucia Sceranková

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Prague and London
digital image
installation art
new media
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About artist

Sceranková is often referred to as a photographer. However, in reality photography or video is simply a kind of consequent smoothing out of her multilayered, sensitive approach to the surrounding world, to whose details the artist relates in her works. From early on Sceranková was inclined more to manipulate than to replicate reality, for instance by planting out a flower bed in the shape of the inscription in I Seek U (2009) or building a monumental yet delicate and unstable pagoda from cards (Dom z karát / House of Cards, 2009). Her photographic work is analogous in approach, not in the technical sense (she often uses a digital camera), but in respect of the physical manipulation of the scenes created using both subtle and monumental interventions and gestures. The artist composes an entire environment, or, on the other hand, creates intimate spaces from small objects or cut-outs, moons hanging on thread, figures snipped into a lake of paper. She usually works in series in which the motifs of still life, landscape or the domestic sphere appear repeatedly, interpreted by means of illusory representation. Work with these generalises the relationship between reality and fiction, the shift in direct associations that evoke archetypal images into more mysterious, multilayered spheres playing with the viewer’s perception. Large scale prints in bespoke installations are often contrasted with smaller, less traditionally presented works, while as always the whole is always larger than the sum of its parts. The handmade approach to the creation of individual works is finally taken to the level of sophisticated presentation that thanks to the well known properties of photography embody a certain distance from the immediacy of the artist’s interventions.

In this respect a milestone in Sceranková’s oeuvre was her final examination work (Zázrak je na inom mieste, 2011), for which she was nominated for the Start Point award. She captured the magic, grandeur and drama of nature and mysterious corners of the world without even leaving the realm of her apartment. The raging sea cut out of paper extends around a conference table as a lacy blanket, a mythical swamp hides in a chest of drawers. By squeezing the shutter the mood of the scene becomes serious, the immediacy of the child’s imagination is transformed into a mysterious image, the game becomes a memory. The following series of photographs entitled Tichá voda brehy myje / Still Water Runs Deep (2012) continues to play with the domestic environment. In a kind of calm timelessness the artist captures both small and large deviations from “normality”. A huge stone is lost on the perfectly polished bedroom floor, a drop of coffee flows into the white clothing of a girl who is in no hurry to get anywhere (again, all created using scissors, glue, and the layering and re-photographing of scenes).

A shorter but fundamental episode in respect of her current work is Sceranková’s work with video, or rather animated image, in which a usually static camera captures the initial, domestically designed event: a yacht in water ruffled by a hairdryer, the grid of a fairytale forest printed on rotating slats that alternately conceal and reveal the figure behind (Carte Blanche, 2010).

Recent work has accentuated the artist’s interest in the surface, material and structure of objects, still life and subtle situations, e.g. broken flowers scattered on the ground (Kvetiny / Flowers, 2013), a piece of cloth reminiscent of a stain (Škvrna / Stain, 2013), or statuesque immobilised hair (Venuša / Venus, 2012). This brings to mind the process of wrinkling that had already appeared in her work. However, it has a clearer role to play in her most recent work. The structure whose line Sceranková follows with her lens does not have necessarily to be the surface of the object, but can be a network of paper folds that distort the original scene on the photograph and lend it another dimension (e.g. From Here to Eternity, 2013 or Nôž / Knife, 2013). From here there is only a small step towards spatial creation in which the scrunched up large format of the photograph becomes a sumptuous river (Rieka / River, 2014), or tiny little stones scattered around the gallery, the surface of which is formed from photographs of water (Hladina / Surface, 2013). In her most recent work Sceranková has been experimenting with disturbing the photographic surface and repositioning it on the horizontal or vertical axis of space, or by hanging it outside the gallery wall. Photography thus becomes an all-embracing medium that floats freely between external and internal borders and creates its own calm yet turbulent world.

Author of the annotation
Karina Kottová



2009-2011 AVU Praha, ateliér Vladimíra Skrepla
2004-2009 VŠVU Bratislava, ateliéry Daniela Fischera, Ilony Németh a Antona Čierneho

Fellowships, residencies:
2012 artist in residence, program Praha – Paris
2007 študíjní stáž, program Erasmus, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Arts and Cultures

2007,2014,2015 finalist of Jindřich Chalupecký Award


Solo exhibitions
Z druhé strany oblohy/ From the Other Side of the Sky, Gallery 35,
L’Institut français de Prague
Rýchly zosun hmôt/ Fast Slippage of the Mass, galerie Pavilon, Praha
Slunce ve vitríne/ Sun in the Showcase, galerie Fotograf, Praha

Open Studio, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
Kalené sklo (s Katarínou Hruškovou) Galerie Plusmínusnula, Žilina
Tichá voda brehy myje/ Still Waters Run Deep, Galerie mladých, Brno
Cloak The Moon, (s Katarínou Hruškovou) Ambasáda slovenskej republiky, Londýn

Oheň, voda, vítr ví/ Fire, water, wind knows, galerie A.M. 180, Prague

Carte Blanche, Galerie Hit, Bratislava
Jazero/ Lake, Galerie 2P, Ústí nad Labem

Ako doma/ Like at Home, Galerie 35m2, Praha

Bežné objekty/ Common objects (with Marián Grolmus), Gallery 13m3, Bratislava, SK
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
London, ZAHORIAN & co GALLERY, Bratislava
Vlčice noci/ She-wolf of the Night II: Winter, Karlin Studios, Praha
O Židli/ About the Chair, 9TH International biennal of photography and visual arts, Ličge

Romantic Apprehensions, Gallery metamatic:taf, Atény
Rural, Red gallery, Londýn
Zbytečný úklid/ Needless Clean-up, Galerie Meetfactory, Praha

Zlínsky salón mladých/ 6th Zlín Youth Salon 2012, Krajská galerie výtvarného umění ve Zlíně
Vlčice noci, OGV Jihlava
Křehké kino/ Fragile Cinema, Galerie mladých, Brno
STARTPOINT 2011, výběr/ STARTPOINT 2011 selection, GAVU, Cheb

Multiple occupancy, gallery Hatch space, Londýn
Idiom, Salon Daguerre, Galerie umělců , Brno
Start Point Prize, Wanieck Gallery, Brno
Po Skú3/ After Scooter (mladí českí a slovenskí umělci), VSG, Košice
Diplomanti AVU 2011/ Annual exhibition of graduates 2011, Karlin Hall, Praha
Pleso/ The Mountain Lake, galerie Meetfactory, Praha
Skúter III/ Scooter III, Biennial of Young Art Trnava 2011, Jan Koniarek Gallery, Trnava
Za hřbety knih, které jsem nečetla/ Behind the spines of the books I have not read, Hvězda letní pavilon, Praha

Artyčok.TV - Art Fair, gallery Meetfactory, Praha, CZ
International film festival Early melons, video section, gallery Medium, Bratislava, SK

Beginning, international film festival, Sankt Peterburg, RUS
Imitace míst/ Imitation of places, supporting project of Sochy v ulicích/ Sculptures in the streets,
Brno, CZ
International film festival Early melons, video section, Charlie centre, Bratislava, SK
private collections, collection of the SPR Doundation, SK



Marie Kohoutová: Nebezpečné hry s otevřeným koncem Lucii Scerankové, recenze výstavy (ceskatelevize.cz)

Barbora Ševčíková: Slunce zavřené ve vitríne, recenze výstavy (artalk.cz)

Tereza Špinková: rozhovor, Lucia Sceranková (časopis Fotograf #19, 2012)

Michal Pěchouček: katalóg k výstavě 6. Zlínsky salón mladých, 2012

Lenka Sedláčková: Tichá voda břehy mele - Lucie Sceranková v Galerii mladých (Kulturissimo.cz, 2012)

Marek Pokorný: Lucia Sceranková (Magnus Magazine #3, 2012)

Travis Jeppesen: Katarina Hruskova & Lucia Scerankova @ the Slovak Embassy (Whitehotmagazine.com , 2012)

Edith Jeřábková: katalóg k výstavě START POINT PRIZE, 2011

Josef Vomáčka: recenze výstavy, Lucia Sceranková / Oheň, voda, vítr ví, 2011

Other critical texts

Exhibitions´ Press Releaqses:

Jiří Ptáček: TZ Slunce ve vitríne, galerie Fotograf, Praha

Martin Mazanec: TZ Tichá voda brehy myje, Galerie mladých, Brno

Michal Pěchouček: TZ Ako doma, galerie 35m2, Praha

Michal Pěchouček: TZ Carte Blanche, galerie Hit, Bratislava



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