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Lukáš Machalický

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About artist

Lukáš Machalický's work touches on social memory within the real environment which it is connected to. Over the past two years the artist has increasingly focused on the relationship of the text as the sign of a specific position, and on its visual transformation to its spatial system, most frequently video installation. As part of the Vernon Gallery's presentation at the Armory Show in New York in 2010 Machalický exhibited self-referential models of some buildings that were built in accordance with a certain totalitarian ideology and still bring it to mind. In this work entitled To the Left of Me, to the Right of Me, Machalický created architecture using books presenting a reference to a given system - in this case either Stalinism or Nazism. From books with their covers cut away there remained only the typographical form and message of the content. The exhibition also included part of the Selected Writings project presented in 2010 in the window of the Vernon Gallery. Machalický collected for this project archive texts and books that he stacked into blocks and set on a counter running along the edge of an exhibition space that was turned to face the viewer. The artist then projected from above onto some of the stacks the transformation of writings in time. Texts were written, were crossed out, disappeared, were in circulation and alive, just as it is in a historical prism. These two installations were preceded by a work from 2008 entitled Distant Memory. In this case Machalický lent a bureaucratic semblance to archived text messages. He had data on two projected virtual stacks of paper disappear and reappear without a clear external logic, albeit an anticipated internal one.


In a number of his earlier projects Machalický draws from his personal experience with urbanism and architecture. For instance, in TDK (2008) there he reflects upon the debate around the destruction of a Ještěd building in favour of a new shop. In the work According to Plan (2009) he evokes the similarities between the system of a crossword puzzle and the planning of a city. He constructs a parallel between the language context, or the sequence of a text, and the need to understand the complexities in building a public space. In his work Tetris (2007) he used the positioning of a model of homes as the basis for a Tetris game. His video installation brought new content to the space which was filled with commercial and visual signs. His project Private Distance (2009) was derived from impressions of nocturnal illumination of architecture. The glowing object, which viewers found similar in shape to houses, also became a sculpture with an abstracting morphology.


Lukáš Machalický is a young artist who increasingly aptly finds an original expressive form of themes stimulating for the visual arts.

Author of the annotation
Markéta Kubačáková



2003-2009 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

2013 Univerzita Karlova v Praze, PedF, katedra výtvarné výchovy, pedagog
2012 Florence University of The Arts, Mixed Media, hostující pedagog

2012 Florence Artist in Residence, Florencie
2008 Universität der Künste Berlin


Solo exhibitions
Raut, Galerie Die Aktualität des Schönen..., Liberec, CZ

Fool´s mate, Florence Artist in Residence, Florencie, IT

To my left, to my right, Museo laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Řím, IT
10292 km2 bílé, Galerie Pavilon, Praha, CZ
12 m2 hnědé, Galerie 207, Praha, CZ

Sebrané spisy, Galerie Vernon Projekt, Praha, CZ

Soukromá vzdálenost (s Janem Pfeifferem), Galerie Meetfactory, Praha, CZ

Map, Galerie Ciant , Praha, CZ
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Jedenáct, Galerie města Pardubic, Pardubice, CZ

New shores, Florence Artist in Residence, Florencie, IT, katalog; Would you like to play another game?, 4+4 dny v pohybu, Praha, CZ, katalog; Geometrův zlý sen, Topičův Salon, Praha, CZ, katalog; At 307: Желю Желев, Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem, CZ

Librarianism, Galerie NTK, Praha, CZ

The Armory Show, Pier 94, New York, USA, katalog;
Re-do Re-thing Re-play, Czech Center, New York, USA

Jak to bylo s Kainem a Ábelem, Galerie kritiků, Praha, CZ, katalog;
Urban kiss, Galerie kritiků, Praha, CZ, katalog;
Diplomky 09, VŠUP, Praha, CZ, katalog;
No reply necessary, Galerie Vernon, Praha, CZ

PULSE Miami, Soho Studios, Miami, USA, katalog;
New and different, Galerie Vernon, Padova, IT;
New urbanism, Galerie Seine 51, Paris, F;
Tina B, Alternativní prostor Dukelských hrdinů 28, Praha, CZ, katalog;
Balelatina / Hot Art, Brasilea Foundation, Basel, CH, katalog;
Transmitter, Galerie PF 01, Bratislava, SK;
Intercity: Berlin – Praha 05, Saarlāendische Galerie, Berlin, DE, katalog;
Off Record, Galerie Byblos, Verona, IT;
Arte Fiera First, Bologna Exhibition Centre, Bologna, IT, katalog

Nebezpečná vzdálenost, Galerie hl. m. Prahy, Dům u Zvonu, Praha, CZ, katalog;
Intercity: Berlin – Praha 05, Galerie Mánes, Praha, CZ, katalog;
Link, Galerie Trafo, Praha, CZ;
Prague Biennial 3, Karlín Hall, Praha, CZ, katalog

Trafačka Aréna Open, Trafačka Aréna, Praha, CZ;
TransGenesis, Galerie C2C, Prague, CZ;
Podhoubí, Galerie Montanelli, Praha, CZ

Černé čtverce, Galerie Preproduction, Berlin, DE
Other realisations

Private Distance - Meetfactory (together with J. Pfeiffer)



curatorial activities:

Galerie SPZ, kurátor společně s Robertem Šalandou, 2011



Lidové Noviny, Jak hrozné sny se zdají geometrům, 11. 9. 2012

i.OVO, italský časopis o současném umění, Fool´s Mate, No. 13, May 2012

Artribune, Scacco matto. Ma senza giocare, www.artribune.com, 18. 5. 2012

Česká Televize 2, Artmix, 8. 9. 2011

Česká Televize 2, Artmix, 18. 6. 2011

La Repubblica, Panorami dell’anima in mostra al Mlac, 25.4. 2011

Ateliér, Nalevo ode mne, napravo ode mne, č. 8, duben 2011

Flash Art Czech&Slovak Edition, Stíny minulých utopií, č. 17, říjen – listopad 2010

Ateliér, Stíny utopií, č. 20, říjen 2010

Artyčok.tv, Soukromá vzdálenost, 10.9. 2010

Prager Zeitung, Architektur als Ausdruck der Macht, 8.9. 2010

Artlist, Lukáš Machalický, www.artlist.cz, květen 2010

Ateliér, Sebrané spisy, č. 7, duben 2010

Radio Wave, 20 min. rozhovor, 16.2. 2010

Český Rozhlas, rozhovor, 15.2. 2010

Ateliér, Urban kiss, č. 19, září 2009

Pulse Miami, Lukáš Machalický, prosinec 2008

Philips Art Expert, Artist profile: Lukáš Machalický, www.philipsartexpert.com, 5.11. 2008

Flash Art Italy, Young and digital, č. 269, duben – květen 2008

Lidové Noviny, Šifry, jež neznají hranice, 5.10. 2007

Flash Art Czech&Slovak Edition, Lukáš Machalický, č. 5, březen – srpen 2007

Praguebiennale 3, Lukáš Machalický, květen 2007

Lidové Noviny, Se světem si málokdo ví rady, 26.5. 2007

Radio Wave, 20 min. rozhovor, 8.5. 2007

Lidové Noviny, Vize zmutovaného světa, 28.3. 2006

Personal texts not included in database



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