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Markéta Magidová

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nee Kubačáková
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installation art
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About artist

The work of Markéta Magidová operates within the tension between domains, like the media she uses. To begin with she worked mainly with photographic images that she combined with drawings and watercolours. Later she began to use text and video installations more and more. These days video linked to live performance or theatre and an interest in the physical activities of dancers and actors predominates in her work.


The artist herself appears in her first videos that to a large extent display an attempt to relate to personal events and experiences and mediate them by means of her own body or words (Untitled – video performance, 2012; Sóstrast (Condolences), together with Daniela Baráčková and Šárka Telecka, 2012). However, during the last two years, with the aid of an often static camera, Magidová has been shooting actors (or non-actors, but always other people) and dancers. She gives free rein to the movements of the dancers, which sometimes takes on a narrative tone (Překlapy a přehmaty / Typing Errors and Mistakes, 2015) and elsewhere she draws on the visual appeal of dance (the film from her residency in Belgium made with the dancer Terezie Indráková, 2015). An important feature of her work is the linking up of image and text, sometimes in the form of a live poetry reading (Neklidné čtení / Restless Reading, 2014) or with accompanying poetic text (Odeslané / Sent, 2014; Tůje, 2014).


The project Typing Errors and Mistakes, created in the Prague INI Gallery, combines the artist’s interest in textual recordings and her work with live performance. In the resulting video that preceded the performance in the premises of the former Electrical Enterprises, the movement of the dancer, who depicts three candidates for work in an international corporation, is accompanied by the voice of the company director. He is reading out an email correspondence full of typing errors relating to the selection procedure and the cover letters of women who are lost and teetering around the deserted corridors and offices. Tereza Indráková’s performance culminates in an absurd grotesquerie in which individual characters remain solitary towards institutional mechanisms. The work is a subtle parody of the structures and rules that we subject our behaviour and communication to. Something similar is taking place in the video from Magidová’s residence in the BUDA art centre in Belgium (Drž mi palce / Cross Your Fingers for Me, 2015), in which to begin with the artist isolates the gestures and steps of a dancer by framing it with the camera that she later gives full rein to in an energetically choreographed dance. An interesting aspect of this work is that the gestures used in the dance sequence are inspired by our everyday mimicry and non-verbal communication that the artist captured in the first minutes of the film. On the theatre stage where the dancer ends up at the end of the video, these ordinary non-verbal signs are placed in contrast to the institution of the theatre performance predetermined by a structured script.


At present theatre and live performance are the means of expression drawn on most frequently by Magidová. Along with Jan Pfeiffer she prepared a narrative theatre play for the Bohunice Psychiatric Hospital in which, using two actors (again playing several characters) and one recorded voice, she examined interpersonal communication and the conflict between the subjective and institutional world. She worked with a similar content though in a completely different form in the video Sent (made at a literary residence in Bratislava in 2014), in which the presentation of the text by the Polish poet and performer Roman Boryczko is confronted with the possibilities of the digital recording and the transcription linked with it. The question of interpersonal relationships and communication against the backdrop of virtual reality is one of the layers of this video.


An important aspect of Magidová’s work is the artist’s publications, in which she works with language as a grid that structures our thinking. Sometimes this concept takes a personal form (Domácí slovník / Domestic Dictionary, 2013), and sometimes she allows it to emerge through a comparison with the language of science, ideology and other semantic systems (Překlad / Translation, 2013). As in the latest videos the question of institutionalism arises in her use of language or form. However, this is not about the medium of video or theatre but more an attempt to expose and interrogate ordinary means of communication with the aid of the image.


Magidová is involved with conceptual literature on both a theoretical level, as part of the preparation of a Central European collective monograph, and in her creative work, where it takes many different forms. Although the very term “conceptual literature” might seem ambiguous, in Czech art it is possible to chart an interest in the utilisation of text in galleries in the work of Jiří Valoch and Ján Mančuška. As in the work of several of Mančuška’s textual installations, Magidová examines the movement of a gallery visitor, as for instance in the exhibition Nevrácený plan / Non-returned Plan (2013) at the Kostka Gallery in Meetfactory, Prague, where she has the viewer walk along the ground plan of a small apartment in which they read a story about its occupant. The transformation of reader into participant was also clear in the installations Lehl si a snažil se na nic nemyslet / He Lay Down and Tried to Think of Nothing (2012) and Měření / Measurement) (2012), exhibited as part of the festival 4 + 4 Days in Motion.

Author of the annotation
Anna Remešová



Graduation, internships:

from 2011 - Aesthetics, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, Ph.D.

2009 - 2011- Faculty of Fine Arts of the Technical University in Brno (video, studio Alvaer J., M. and J. Ptacek Zeta) MgA.

2007 - 2009 - Academy of Arts, Department of Theory and History of Design and New Media, Mgr.
2004 - 2007 - Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlin (Department of Photography), BcA.


2013 - University of Liege, prof. Klinkenberg, BE
2009 - Academy Sztuk Pieknych w Krakow (intermedia studio Zbygniew Fable), P
2008 - 2009 - Academy of Arts (Intermedia Art, George David's studio), Prague
2006 - Fachhochschule Dortmund (phytodesigning, studio Jörg Windeho), DE

Artistic residency:

2015 - Art Centre BUDA, Kortrijk, BE
2015 - Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Czech Krumlov, CZ
2015 - INI Gallery, Prague, CZ
2014 - Literary Information Centre, Bratislava, SK


Solo exhibitions
Argumentum ex silentio / Ukradená galerie / Český Krumlov
Persona forte, společně s Janem Pfeifferem / Prádelna Bohnice / Praha
Nanečisto III, IV / INI Gallery / Praha

Neklidné čtení / galerie SPZ / Praha

Překlad / Galerie Pavilon / Praha
Pokoj pro služku, společně s Janem Pfeifferem / Nitrianská Galeria / Nitra
Domácí slovník / Kabinet TIC / Brno
Nevrácený plán / Galerie Kostka, Meetfactory / Praha

Tady jsem se snažila na nic nemyslet / Outdoor Gallery / Nitra
Sóstrast, společně s D. Baráčkovou a Š. Teleckou / Galerie AVU / Praha
Ale to přece nemůžeš – Fakt musím – To nechápu! Máme přece vernisáž / Galerie K4 / Praha

Prskavý Solus a skvrnité oko / Galerie F43 / Praha
Jelení / Galerie Jelení / Praha
Až na vrchol povrchnosti, až na dno mělkosti, společně s Václavem Magidem / Galerie 35m2 / Praha
Loket pobělohorský, čtyři prsty, pět zrn a čárka / Fenester / Praha

Pozdravy / Muzeum Boskovicka / Boskovice
Přírodní rezervace, společně s Andranem Abramjanem / Trmalova vila /

Home nets: To be continued... / Bunker, Nitrianska galeria / Nitra
Na pokračování / (A)VOID gallery / Praha

Diagnosa / Galerie Velryba / Praha
Home nets / Kavárna Citadela / Praha

Bylo, nebylo... / Kino Světozor / Praha
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Grafomani, vypravěči, autoři a producenti / etc. gallery / Praha
Jiné vize 2014 / Geotermální lázně / Seljavellir
Jiné vize 2014 / tAd / Denton
Jiné vize 2014 / Moravská galerie / Brno

Jiné vize / PAF festival animovaných filmů / Olomouc
Who is the Director? / Festival současného umění 4+4 dny v pohybu / Palác U Stýblů / Praha
Vy troubo! Pro Jiřího Koláře / Galerie zámku Hradec nad Moravicí
Don ́t even dream! / RuArts Gallery, IV International Biennale for Young Art in Moskow / Moskva

Art and Mobility / InterArtive / Španělsko
Lisabon Architectural Triennale / Lisabon
Šedesát vteřin do minuty / Festival minutových videí, NTK / Praha

Would you like to play another game? / Festival současného umění 4+4 dny v pohybu / Budova bývalého kasina Pařížská 25 / Praha
Na houby, For John Cage / Gottfrei / Opava

Tractatus Pedagogicus / Entrance Gallery / Praha
ABCDEF / Dům pánů z Kunštátu / Brno
(Ne)lidské / Divadlo Reduta / Brno

Videokemp / Galerie středočeského kraje / Kutná Hora

Videokemp / Praha
Kamen i woda / Dům knížky / Krakov
Harenda / Galerie Akademie Sztuk Pieknych / Krakov

Blatenský fotofestival / Blatná
Bakalářské a magisterské práce studentů ARF / Hala 32 / Zlín

Devátá sklizeň, (1997–2006, Ateliér reklamní fotografie) / Hala 64 / Zlín
Welten am Fluss / Bottrop Ebel



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Personal texts not included in database

Autorské knihy:

2015 – Překlapy a přehmaty, Praha: PositiF
2013 – Překlad, Praha: PositiF
2013 – Domácí slovník, Praha: PositiF
2011 – Tvarochodi, Hranice: DOST 


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