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Markéta Baňková

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is one of few Czech female artists who intensively devotes herself to new media. Her work is more specific in that in its core it focuses on internet projects. „Net art“ is a relatively young field of art. It’s specialness comes from the fact that it joins on one hand a certain „fleetness“ and on the other, a global reach. Net art takes place in a new type of reality, independent of classic categories of time and space. It’s space is the „net“, not the three-dimensional lacuna that most objects are placed in. The main components of the network space are trajectory, vectors, and communication channels. Here space is in constant movement between „logged on“ visitors. A fitting metaphor for this environment is a map as a network of routes and symbols. Therefore it is no accident that one of Markéta Baňková’s main projects presents a virtual map (New York City Map, 1999-2002). One can access this map at any time on the internet (www.nycmap.com) and move around in its varied signage layers (photographs, symbols, texts). Here the truly most noticeable element is the tension between reality and virtuality, which refer to the qualities of the modern urban environment. The town stands at the centre of the artist’s interest in its relationship to new technologies. Even the video-installation Šum města (2002) takes notice of the urbanist-technological parallel and creates a picture collage or montage, in which classic time and space dimensions are disrupted. The artist has completed multi-media artistic training (graphic design, new media). In various artistic fields she observes the issues of structure, communication and the virtual aspects of images. Even her works are tinged by fleetness and discourse, rather than a tendency toward staid and immutable subjects.

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Václav Hájek



1989 - 1997 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Graphic Art and New Media
1993 Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, USA
1992 Middlesex Polytechnic, London, GB

2002 - finalist of Jindřich Chalupecký Award


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