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Petr Malina

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About artist

The artistic painted expression of Petr Malina is often characterised as idyllic. His works consist mainly of peaceful subject matter and simple shapes. His paintings are clearly arranged, clean and clear. This artist is an observer, who travels to find his inspiration. The element of time takes its place between the subject and the painting. As a result it acts as a distancing element for the painted subject. Foreign environments open up to Malina, it would appear, in the most compact of compositions rather than in places that he knows well and from which he has suitable distance. The artist prefers to choose motifs, for which he can use large, clean, colourful surfaces – the sea, a park. Similarly in figural scenes the relation of colourful surfaces to the figure and its framework is standard.


His choice of composition is tied to photographs taken „in situ“. Malina expresses himself in image collections, whose sizes vary. He himself speaks of a „long-term submersion into a topic.“ In his older works the artist’s concentration on the human figure and its environment dominates. In his more recent works one can see a shift toward open landscapes. Here, the human figure is either on the same level as the landscape content-wise, or it is relegated to the role of a mere „extra“ or is completely forgotten. He also often makes variations on motifs or the landscape framework (in measure, colour-wise, etc.). Malina’s works are thus characterised by a precise, formal stylisation. Measurement (scale) plays an important role in his final works. His expressive smaller paintings reflect more on shared emotions, while his larger-format works place emphasis on distance and a sense of precisely-expressed pictorial (artistic) form.


„Border areas“ are a key topic for Malina. Besides ocean motifs, where he captures the earth’s watersheds and related water levels, he also works primarily on painting sets depicting suburban London. In these he loosely follows the transfer from big city organism to its surrounding suburban landscape. This change is also symbolically followed in paintings of used traffic signs that join two seemingly „separate“ worlds – for example, airplanes and automobiles.


On other levels the „watershed“ is monitored on the actual surface of the sky itself, where the gradual change of light from night to day and vice versa occurs. His most recent works indicate a certain amount of self introspection. Here one can find stylised self portraits, for which their background is important for their interpretation. Switching roles often takes place. They are no longer a mere record of a distant point on the landscape somewhere in foreign land, but there is also the artist’s own confessed presence. They are a sort of confirmation of places visited. The artist’s „I“ enters into the paintings. This self-confirmation takes place in open space as well as in closed spaces. Their selection is deliberate. They involve visits to world-renowned galleries and museum institutions. Here Malina is shown as a cultural tourist, who has come to admire his favourite artists. They are Alex Katz, Edward Hopper, or Luc Tymans.


Author of the annotation
Petr Vaňous



1994-2001 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

2000 Middlesex University London
1999-2000 Academy of Fine Arts Prague
1998 Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe, van Dülmen


Solo exhibitions
Story, Galerie Ad-astra, Kuřim

Dark show, Galerie České pojišťovny, Praha
City Walks, Galerie kritiků, Praha

Večer se blíží, Galerie 207, Praha
Vedlejší projekt, Galerie a vinárna U zlaté štiky, Kolín
Večer se blíží…, Galerie Art, Chrudim

Beuys se dívá, Galerie ad astra, Kuřim
Obrazy, Galerie Paul Sties, Kronberg, SRN

Ukradené Obrazy, Galerie Dole, Ostrava

Černý Petr, Alšova jihočeská galerie, České Budějovice / s F. Černým/
U moře, Galerie Pintner, Hofheim am Taunus, Německo

London Eye, Ouky Douky Coffee, Praha
Černého Petra má Zbyněk, Galerie Brno / s F.Černým a Z.Sedleckým/

Etretat, Galerie ad astra, Kuřim

Léto na Lidu, GHMP – Staroměstská radnice, Praha

Nebe a moře, Galerie Ambrosiana, Brno
Majáky, lodě, parky a moře, Galerie U kamene, Cheb

Obrazy z dovolené, Galerie Art Chrudim
Pohoda u moře, Galerie Pecka, Praha

Z dovolené , Galerie a antikvariát Černý pavouk, Ostrava

Obrazy, Galerie Velryba, Praha
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Theatre Mundi, Centrum umění Mältinranta, Tampere
Současná česká krajina…, Galerie moderního umění, Hradec Králové
VI. Nový zlínský salon, Dům umění, Zlín
Theatre Mundi, Galerie kritiků, Praha

Rovnostranný trojúhelník, Meetfactory, Praha / s P. Krátkým a M. Medunou/

Big gruppen hybrid painting session, Hala Holešovice, Praha
Iluze prostoru, Nitranská galéria, Slovensko

Junge Kunst aus Prag, Levantehaus, Hamburg / s F.Černým a Z. Sedleckým/
Resetting – Jiné cesty k věcnosti, GHMP – Městská knihovna, Praha

Příští stanice Arkádie, Galerie moderního umění, Roudnice nad Labem
Nächste station Arkadien, Zámek Pirna, SRN
IV. Zlínský salon mladých, Dům umění, Zlín

Zima, HVB Bank – Revoluční, Praha
Intercity: Berlin – Praha, Haus am Waldsee, Berlín
MINI, Galerie Artkontakt, Brno
Černého Petra má Zbyněk, Galerie Brno / s F.Černým a Z.Sedleckým/

Lidé ve městě, HVB Bank - Valdek, Praha
Intercity: Berlín- Praha, Galerie Mánes, Praha
HfBK Dresden – AVU Prag, Kunst Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg
Krajina, HVB Bank – Vítězné nám., Parha
Studenti J. Sopka, Galerie XXL, Louny
Čistá krása, Galerie kritiků, Palác Adria, Praha

6.května, Galerie NoD - Roxy Praha
Artnow.cz, Galerie Mánes, Praha
Perfect Tense, Jízdárna Pražského hradu, Praha

Kytky, Banka HVB - Valdek, Praha
4 krát 1 , Galerie VŠUP, Praha

Má vlast, Galerie VŠUP, Praha
AVU v Peru, Lima, Peru
RETRO, Galerie AVU, Praha
Diplomanti 2001, Veletržní palác, Praha
AVU 2000, Galerie Mánes, Praha
Zdroje nového stylu, Jízdárna Pražského hradu, Praha

CARGO, studenti J. Sopka a J. Skrepla, Drážďany, SRN
International Young Art 1999, výstava spojená s aukcí, Tel Avív-
Izrael; Chicago, USA
Close Encounters, Narden – Centrum J.A.Komenského, Nizozemí
J. Sopko a jeho žáci– Banka Creditanstalt, Praha
Šest, studenti AVU , Cheb
Vidiny, Školská 28, Praha

Punčový řez, divadlo Zlín
Dole v Bunkru, prostory bývalého rockového klubu , Praha

Studenti J.Sopka – Galerie HAMU, Praha
DUM, Žižkov – Bořivojova 106, Praha
AVU 1997, Galerie Mánes, Praha

Punčový řez, Veleslavínova ul., Praha



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Other critical texts

Petr Malina (1976), anketa Malující umělci, A2 kulturní týdeník 30/ 2007, s.10




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