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Petra Herotová

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Týn nad Vltavou
installation art
CSU Library
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About artist

In her art Petra Herotová comments on stereotypes of roles in society, most often in connection with her family background. These autobiographical elements are transformed into a more general message. The primary medium employed by Herotová is drawing - whether on paper, in the form of objects or installations. She first exhibited her projects on her father (the video I wash my daddy’s car like my daddy does, in daddy’s tracksuit, 9 min., or the object Model of tools of my constructor) at the Půda Gallery in Jihlava (Relations exhibition, 2005). She developed this project in a series of simple drawings (Daddy’s Sayings, 2005-6) videos (...One, two, three; 2006) and installations commenting on the "masculine world". In 2006 together with Václav Magid and Vasilem Artamon she organized the Purpose exhibition at the AVU gallery that inquired into the functionality of art and, on the other hand, the artistic level of ordinary work. It was part of this exhibition that Herotová made the performance Vacuuming Dominik Lang's car.


A schematizing of activities is typical of her work with the propensity to use the form of diagrams and recipes. Worth mentioning are the performance Glue Made from ping-pong balls (according to her father’s recipe) (2006), the floor drawing Directions for planting (2007) or the entire principle of the exhibition at the Šternberk gallery 400g of flour... (2008) that she had with Daniela Baráčková. They exhibited their works here that, thanks to their similar meta-language and experiences, created a wide spectrum of mutual interpretations, citations and self-ironic allusions.


Petra Herotová also introducers into her work the theme of the existence and fate of the Czech diaspora in Croatia. Her video Dedicated to Slavka Žukovičová-Máchová (2006) or texts and drawings on teacher Karel Herot (Petra Herotová’s grandfather) attempts on a personal level to draw attention to correlations between Slavic nations and their differences.


She considers drawing to be a medium; the resulting work often consists of objects, wall paintings, videos or performance. She received first prize in the Startpoint competition of university theses for her work Spinning (2007) in which she stacked to a 60-cm height a manually copied drawing of a foot pedalling a spinning machine. At the 100% Blue exhibition in the gallery 207 (2009), platforms in the studio of Jiří David, which Herotová graduated from in 2007, she exhibited the cycle Views from Blansko. This cycle consists of 78 drawings on postcards that relate to her present job as curator at the galley in Blansko and her life linked to it. The unsent letters indicate a social isolation and feeling of Sisyphus work, and there is also here a demonstration of silent protest against the operating means of regional contemporary art institutions. She also focused on a similar problem in the latest presentation at the Youth Gallery of the Brno Culture Centre (Little River, 2009) that described social roles on the art scene and defined Herotová’s position within this system. Herotová is an artist with a distinct and original style and a novel way of contemplating the world.

Author of the annotation
Markéta Kubačáková



2004-2007 Academy of applied arts, architecture and design, Prague, Jiří David
1998-2004 Fakulta výtvarných umění Brno university of technology, graphic art

2011 Egon Schiele Art Centre, Cesky Krumlov
2008 Klenova residency, Klatovy / Klenova Gallery
2005 Academy of Fine Arts Prague, painting studio of Vladimír Skrepl
2004 Academy of applied arts Prague Jiří David
2003-2004 Academy of applied arts, Prague, painting studio of Stanislav Diviš

2007 - Start Point Prize
2009 - finalist of Jindřich Chalupecký Award
2014 - Dorothea von Stetten Art Prize 2014

Residential Stays
2008 Klenova residency, Klatovy / Klenova Gallery
2011 Egon Schiele Art Centre, Cesky Krumlov
2011 Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno (Italy)
2011 Supporting grant of Ministry of Culture of The Czech Republic

Gallery Klatovy/Klenová,
Jiří Štarha´s collection,
Jiří Valoch/Moravian Gallery,
Casa Masaccio (San Giovanni Valdarno, It),


Solo exhibitions
Wool, loop, line, grid, GAVU Cheb
The She Camera, Fotograf Gallery, Praha

Square Triangle Circle Gap Pentagon, Entrance Gallery, Prague
A Little While at Klamovka, cooperation: T. Uhnak, Klamovka Gallery, Prague
A Repeated Joke Is No Longer a Joke. A Repeated Joke Is No Longer a Joke., Gallery Dole, Ostrava

AAAA, with Jan Nalevka, 35m2 Gallery, Prague

Black Hill, with Daniela Barackova, Town Blansko Gallery
Dedicated to the Artist, Showcase Deniska, Olomouc
Something is not working here, House of Art, Ceske Budejovice

Let´s Go Zilina, with Daniela Barackova, Stanica Gallery, Zilina (Slovakia)
Blanka Cerna Hora Praha, guest: D. Barackova, Jeleni Gallery, Prague
+ -, etc. gallery, Prague
- +, Luxfer Gallery, Ceska Skalice
+ - 2, apartment space Unbooted Manes, Ceske Budejovice

Říčka, BKC, Brno
100% blue, galerie 207, Praha

Džudžingy, galerie U bílého jednorožce, Klatovy

Miris, galerie Eskort, Brno

...raz, dva, tři ..., galerie Entrance, Praha

Relace, galerie Půda, Jihlava
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Independent Research of Subjectivity, 4+4 Days In Motion Festival, Prague

The Debt, 4+4 Days In Motion Festival, Prague

NULLA DIES SINE LINEA, Emil Filla Gallery-Armaturka, Ústí nad Labem
Bis bald!, Dorothea von Stetten Art Prize 2014, Kunstmuseum Bonn, (Germany)

FILM. Directed by Artists 2, Nitra Gallery, Nitra, (Slovakia)

Islands of Resistance/Between the First and Second Modernity 1985-2012, National Gallery, Prague
The Last Space for a Man, Karlin studios, Prague, also as co-curator with D. Barackova and P. Gajdosikova

How to Begin from the Beginning (Fail Again, Fail Better), Futura, Prague
Sketchbook - attempt for commentary, etc. gallery, Prague
The Perspective of a Blind Eye, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno
Happiness, 4+4 Days In Motion Festival, Prague

Kas ir “čehu” máksla?, Cultural Centre Ilguciems, Riga, Latvia
Young Art Biennial Zvon 2010, GHMP, Prague
Ears Like Loops, ZONA, Łódź, Poland

5th Zlin Youth Salon, KGVU, Zlin
The Wolf And The Lamb, Art Critics´ Gallery, Prague
Ribba, Cabinet Gallery, Brno
Jindrich Chalupecky Award Final, DOX, Prague

Video ve sklepě, festival In/visible, Galerie U Mloka, Olomouc
Art Prague Cool, galerie Art Factory, v rámci Art Prague 2008, 7. ročníku veletrhu současného umění, Praha

Start Point 2007 - galerie Klatovy / Klenová

Věcné stavy - Karlín Studios, Praha
Jedna rodina - jako host Jolany Ruchařové, galerie Entrance, Praha
Indikace - festival 4+4+4 dny v pohybu, Praha
Videokemp - altán Klamovka, Praha
Účel - Galerie AVU, Praha, také jako spolukurátorka s Vasilem Artamonovem a Václavem Magidem

There Are No Animals Beyond This Point - Malostranská beseda, Praha
Hudební bonus - galerie Šternberk

Černý čtverec - Preproduction Space, Berlín
Artfest, Třeboň



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