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Rudo Prekop

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About artist

Rudo Prekop was born in Košice, Slovakia, where he also graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts in the field of applied photography. In 1986 he graduated from the class of Professor Ján Šmok at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. He worked as a camera assistant for Krátký film Praha, as a freelance photographer for a number of years and since 2002 he has been the head of the Studio of Photography at FAMU in Prague.

Prekop belongs to the so-called Slovak New Wave (together with Vasil Stanko, Tono Stano, Kamil Varga, Miro Švolík and Peter Župník). These artists who started studying at FAMU at the end of the 1970s brought new energy, in the form of playful imaginative work influenced by surrealism, Dadaism and poetism, into Czechoslovakian photography that was back then strongly flooded with documentarism.

Rudo Prekop’s work is characteristic for classic, analogue, black and white photography, which he uses in photographing primarily figural groups or still life, both staged as well as random. On long-term basis he has been developing several thematic cycles, which are visually very compact. This compactness is emphasized by the unified square format and work with lighting.

His thorough composition of the final image together with the lighting game attests Prekop’s sense for imagination and omnipresent fantasy. He often interconnects the non-connectable through which he apparently makes a reference to the surrealistic tradition, which is so strongly rooted in Czech art.

In his cycle Reálovky, which he has been working on since 1989, he has been developing this game without a studio and his own interventions into the composition of objects. These include still life randomly found or rather compositions in nature or city periphery. The photographers own fantasy as an observer is confirmed here by the general presence of often bizarre connections of things which probably originate unwittingly.

In another series of photographs called Aranže (Arrangement) Prekop uses and interconnects these two methods to create staged, but as if randomly found still lifes in natural environment.

Inscenace (Staged Production) is, on the contrary, a cycle of photographs that focuses on the human body on all sorts of symbolic images the significance of which is always underscored by the title, which is an inseparable part of the final photograph.

Overall, however, the individual collections are interconnected through their mood and original view of the world and fit into a more or less timeless way of depicting what appears in front of the photographer and then disappears, both in nature as well as in the studio environment. 

Author of the annotation
Tomáš Hrůza



Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studio Jiří David, Vladimír Skrepl and Veronika Bromová

Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, Art History

internships, creative residencies:
artist in residence, Zacheta, Warsaw
artist in residence, PROGR, Bern
artist in residence, MQ, Vienna
developmental grant of transit


Solo exhibitions
The Best of Rudo Prekop, Galerie Baudelaire, Antwerpen, Belgium

Rudo Prekop / Dva v jednom, Galerie Václava Špály, Praha, Czech Republic

Štěpán Grygar / Rudo Prekop, Galerie 5. patro, Praha, Czech Republic
Rudo Prekop / Reálovky, Stredoeurópsky dom fotografie, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Pocta Janu Pavlíkovi – dialogy mimo čas, Pavlík / Prekop / Župník, Galerie 5. patro, Praha, Czech Republic

Rudo Prekop / Reálovky, Fotogaléria Nova, Knižnica J.Bocatia, Košice, Slovak Republic

Grygar - Prekop, Galerie G4, Cheb, Czech Republic

Rudo Prekop, Zátiší / Hrdinové, diptychy a trilogie, Galerie Pod kamennou žábou, České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Rudo Prekop, Zátiší / Hrdinové, diptychy a trilogie, Galerie Pod kamennou žábou, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Rudo Prekop, Zátiší / Styll Lifes 1989 – 2006, Gal. Kotýnek, Přelouč, Czech Republic

Rudo Prekop, Zátiší / Styll Lifes 1989 – 2006, Galerie Umění K. Vary, Czech Republic
Rudo Prekop, Zátiší / Styll Lifes 1989 – 2006, Galerie Umění K. Vary, Czech Republic

"Best of Anonymous" Prekop-Kalmus, Nitrianska Galéria, Nitra, Slovak Republic

"Best of Anonymous" Prekop-Kalmus, Galerie Fiducia Ostrava, Czech Republic
Rudo Prekop Zátišia / Reálovky 1990 – 2004, Štátna galéria B.Bystrica, Slovak Republic

Rudo Prekop Mises en scene photographiques, České centrum Paris, Rue Bonaparte, France

Still-lives Rudo Prekop-fotografie, Kunstverein, Weiden, Germany
Rudo Prekop 13 let Zátiší / Pocity, Pomníky, Květiny, Galerie Fiducia a Galerie 761, Ostrava, Czech Republic
"Zátišia 1989 - 2001 " Galéria umelcov Spiša, Spišská Nová Ves, Slovak Republic

"Rudo Prekop 13 let zátiší / Still-lives over 13 years“ G4, Cheb, Czech Republic

"Stefan Milkov - Rudo Prekop" Galerie V Kapli, Bruntál, Czech Republic

"Nalezené filmy / Found Films " Prague House of Photography, Praha, Czech Republic
"Zátišia" Hotel Danube, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Rudo Prekop Galéria umelcov Spiša, Spišská Nová Ves, Slovak Republic

Rudo Prekop Galerie G4, Cheb, Czechoslovakia

Pocta Andy Warholovi, MMU rodiny Warholovcov, Medzilaborce Czechoslovakia

Fotografie R.P. Galerie Benedikta Rejta, Louny, Czechoslovakia
Fotografie R.P. Klasik klub Pařížská, Praha, Czechoslovakia

Rudo Prekop Galéria C. Majerníka, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
Rudo Prekop Dom slovenskej kultúry, Praha, Czechoslovakia
R. Prekop / V. Stanko Gallery Jansen, West Berlin, BRD

"Hra na čtvrtého " Galerie Fabrik, Hamburg, BRD

"Hra na čtvrtého " Galerie Fotochema, Praha, Czechoslovakia

Rudo Prekop Galeria fotografii Okno, Legnica, Polska
Rudo Prekop Walbrzyska galeria fotografii, Walbrzych, Polska

Rudo Prekop FAMU, Praha, Czechoslovakia
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
„Almanach České fotografie I.“ Malá galerie ČS, Kladno, Czech Republic
„Pocta M. Martinčekovi / Hommage to M. Martinček“ Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia
„Slovenská nová vlna / 80.tá léta“ Kunsthalle, Bratislava , Slovakia
„Double Exposure / Dvojexpozice “ House of Photography / Dům foto. Praha

„Slovenská nová vlna / 80.tá léta“ Pražský dům fotografie, Praha

„Towards the Image - Slovak Photography“ Palac Sztuki, Kraków, Poland

„Fotogaléria Nova 1981 – 2011“ Fotogaléria Nova, Košice

Barends + Pijnappel Collection, Galerie Baudelaire, Antwerpen, Belgium

„Osemdesiate / The Eighties“, Esterházyho palác, SNG Bratislava, Slovak Republic
„Czech Photography of the 20th Century“ Art and Exhibition Hall, Bonn Germany

„Třetí strana zdi / The Third Side of the Wall “ Moravská galerie Brno, Czech Republic
Czech and Slovak Staged Photo “ Sol Melnick Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

"Pospolu - All together FAMU “ Stredoeurópsky dom foto, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

"Autoportrét ve fotografii " Galerie Františka Drtikola, Příbram, Czech Republic
"Akt v české fotografii 1960 – 2000" N. M. Fotografie, J. Hradec, Czech Republic
"Krajinná výstava bez hranic " G4 Cheb, 24.5 - 18.6., Czech Republic
"Pospolu - All together FAMU " Max Reger Halle, Weiden, Germany
"Anna Fárová & fotografie “ Langhans Galerie, Praha, Czech Republic

"Česká fotografie 20. stol." Městská knihovna, Praha, 30.6. - 9.10., Czech Republic
"Akt v české fotografii 1960 - 2000 " Technopolis, Athény 18.3. - 24.4., Greece

"Akt v české fotografii 1960 - 2000 " Dům umění Opava 15.4. - 13.5., Czech Republic
"Akt v české fotografii 1960 - 2000 " Umelecká Beseda, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

"Akt v české fotografii 1960 - 2000 " 3. Bienále foto Poznaň, CK Zamek, Polska
"Akt v české fotografii 1960 - 2000 " Galerie BWA Awangarda, Wroclaw, Polska
"Akt v české fotografii 1960 - 2000 " BWA, zámek Ksiaź, Walbrzych, Polska
"Iná krajina / Another landscape" Dom Fotografie Poprad, Slovak Republic
"Iná krajina / Another landscape " Galéria P. H. Bohúňa Lipt. Mikuláš, Slovak Republic
"Paris photo " Louvre, Paris 14.-19.11.

"Česká a slovenská fotografie"( 80. a 90. let) Muzeum umění Olomouc, Czech Republic
„Hedendaagse Tsjechische fotografie“ ( Prekop,Stanko,Švolík ) Van Reekum Museum
Historisch Museum Apeldoorn 15.6.- 29.9., Netherland
"Akt v české fotografii 1960 - 2000" Výstavní sál Manéž Moskva , Rusko
"Fabulous !" ( Prekop, Stanko, Švolík ) Gal. Baudelaire Antwerpeen, Belgie
"Slovenská fotografia 1925 - 2000" Městská knihovna Praha, Czech Republic
"Akt v české fotografii 1960 - 2000" České centrum Paris, France
"Akt v české fotografii 1960 - 2000" Franzosis. kulturinstitut Aachen, Deutscch

"Slovenská fotografia 1925 - 2000" Esterházyho palác, SNG Bratislava, Slovak Republic
"Akt v české fotografii" Muzeum umění Olomouc, Czech Republic

"Akt v české fotografii" Císařská konírna Pražského hradu 1.12.-4.2., Czech Republic
"Česká fotografie 90. let" Galerie Vartu, Vilnius , Litva

" Czech photography of the 1990 " Chicago Culture Center, Chicago, USA
Prekop, Stanko, Švolík, Varga, Dům umění Opava, Czech Republic
"From Sudek to Saudek - Czech photo in the 20th century"
The Eli Lemberger museum of Photo, Tel-Hai, Izrael
Czech and Slovak staged photography ( Photographs performed for the camera )
Czech Center New York -1109 Madison Ave. / 83rd Street, USA
Výstava asociace fotografů, Galerie asoc. Italských foto. Orvieto, Roma, Italy
Dvacetpět autorů " Dům umění Opava 28.10.-10.12., Czech Republic
The Body Narrative, David Scott Gallery, Contemporary Czech and Slovak Photography Toronto – Ontario, Canada
"Česká fotografie 90. Let " Fotogalerie Kaunas, Litva

" Altered worlds " Kočan, Pecha, Prekop, Stanko, Švolík, Varga, Župník, Museum of contemporary art, Denver, USA
"Altered worlds" The seventh International month of photo, Houston, USA
"Niet de Kunstylaai" Prekop, Švolík, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, Netherlands
" Imaginatívna fotografia " Cankarejv dom Ljubljana, Slovenia
" Jistoty a hledání v české foto 90.let " Galerie Helsingforser platz,Berlin Germany

" Generácia 60 " Prekop, Varga, Župník, Múzeum V. Lofflera, Košice, Slovak Republik
" Jistoty a hledání v české fotografii 90.let " Dům umění města Brna, Czech Republic
" Generácia´60 " Prekop, Varga, Župník - Tatranská galéria, Poprad, Slovak Republik
" Jistoty a hledání v české fotografii 90.let " Galerie Umění , K. Vary, Czech Republic
" Halle meets Prag " Prekop, Švolík, Župník, Galerie Schmeerstrabe, Germany
" Internet exhibition " Third Eye Photowork Galleryn Detroit, Michigan, USA
" Imaginatívna fotografia " Muzeum fotografie, Tesaloniky, Greese

" Czech / Slovak Photography " Spazi Contemporary Art Gallery, Housatonic MA, USA
" Soudobá fotografie NOX 1996 " NG Palác Kinských, Czech Republic
" Jistoty a hledání v české fotografii 90. let “, Pražský hrad, Nejvyšší purkrabství, Czech Republic
" Imaginatívna fotografia " Banské múzeum, Banská Štiavnica, Slovak Republic

„Generation 60. " Photofusion, Londýn, England

"After the Velvet Revolution (Contemporary Czech and Slovak Photo)“
The photography Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
"After the Velvet Revolution (Cont. Czech and Slovak Photo)"Adelaide, Australia

" Akt " Národní technické muzeum, Praha, Czech Republic
" Czech and Slovak photo " MSC Forsyth Center Galleries, Texas, USA
" Czech and Slovak photo" Spenser Museum of Art, Lawrence,Kansas, USA

" Baňka-Havránková-Prekop-Švolík " Centre for Creative Photo Tuscon, Arizona, USA
Členská výstava, Pražský dům fotografie, PHP , Praha, Czechoslovakia
" Autoportraits " Galerie Le Lieu Lorient, Lorient, France
Fotografica Primavera Barcelona, Spain
" Slovak staged photography " Helsinki, Finland
" Slovak staged photography " Dortmund, Germany
" Slovak staged photography " Tampere, Finland
" What´s news : Prague " The art Institute of Chicago, Chicago , USA
Bez názvu, Stadmuseum im Haus der Kultur, Waldkraiburg, Germany

" Od P. k M. a zase zpět " Pražský dům fotografie, Praha, Czechoslovakia
Bez názvu, Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Denmark
" Slovak staged photography " Museum of Dance, Stockholm, Sweden
" Tajemství ve fotografii“ Galerie 4 , Cheb, Czechoslovakia
"Tschechoslow. Zeitgenos. Foto" Schloss Herten-Kunsthaus, Hamburg Germany
" Baňka-Havránková-Prekop-Švolík " After Image Gallery, Foto Centrum Rochester, New York, USA
Bez názvu, Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany
" Ostwind " Photogallery WUK, Wien, Austria
" Ostwind " Augustine Museum, Freiburg, Germany

" November 89 " Washington, USA
" Cesty k postmoderně " UM - PRUM Muzeum, Praha, Czechoslovakia
" Contemporary Czechoslovak photo " Amsterdam, Netherlands
" Slovak Photography of the eighties " Warszawa, Polska
" Slovak Photography of the eighties " Moscow, USSR
"Tschechoslowakische Foto der Gegenwart" Ludwig Museum, Koln, Germany
" November 89 " ,Wien, Austria
"Rencontrés Internationales de la Photographie" Arlés, France
" L´année de l´Est" Musée de l´Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland
Slovenskí hostia z Prahy" Dom umenia, Piešťany, Czechoslovakia
"Positivita " Fotogalerie WUK, Wien, Austria

" Tuctová výstava " Galerie mladých Můstek, Praha, Czechoslovakia
" Noc kúzelníkov " A-klub, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
" Slovenská fotografia 80. rokov " Slovenský rozhlas, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
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" Československá fotografie 1945-89 " Budapest, Hungary
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"Slovenskí absolventi FAMU-stretnutie 02" Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
" Tvrz I. „ Chodovská tvrz, Praha, Czechoslovakia
" Listopad 89 " Mánes, Praha, Czechoslovakia

" Questionning Europe " Fotobienalle, Rotterdam, Netherland
" Vize " Dům umění, Brno, Czechoslovakia
" Vize " Galerie 4, Cheb, Czechoslovakia
" Humno 88 " Mestská knižnica, Košice, Czechoslovakia
" Noc kúzelníkov " Galéria Kontajner, Prešov, Czechoslovakia
" Kontakt 88 " Technické múzeum, Košice, Czechoslovakia
" 11 " Galerie Fotochema, Praha, Czechoslovakia

" Konfrontacie " Gorzow
" Fotografie von studenten der FAMU ",Munchen,BRD

" Fotografie absolventů FAMU ", UM-PRUM muzeum Praha, Czechoslovakia

" Osteuropische Photographie ", Frankfurt, BRD
Súkromná výstava u P. Župníka, Pštrossova 1, Praha, Czechoslovakia
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Foto-konfrontacie, Gorzow, Polska
Bez názvu, Rietweld Akademie, Amsterdam, Netherland
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Študenti FAMU, Galeria fotografie, Šjauljaj, USSR
Študenti FAMU, Muzeum fotografie, Viljnius, Litva, USSR

" …od trináctej komnaty " T-klub, Košice, Czechoslovakia
Východoslovenské múzeum, Košice
Slovenská národná galéria, Bratislava
Moravská galerie, Brno
Umělecko-průmyslové muzeum, Praha
Galerie hlavního města Prahy / GHMP
Galerie Benedikta Rejta, Louny
Galerie G4, Cheb
Bibliothéque Nationale, Paris
Musée de l´Elysée, Lausanne
Musée de la Photo, Arlés




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Šmíd J. :    Úvod do katalogu         



Macek V. : Fotografie na okraji ( Úvod do katalogu )              


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