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Silvie Brodiová

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installation art
CSU Library
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About artist

Silva Brodi’s most distinctive works reveal her fundamentally as an artist of figurative painting and drawing, whose poetic visual language in some paintings tricks us with its seemingly naïve quality only for that to be replaced in others with her elegantly confident style of painting. An important point in her creative history was the series of paintings she created that depict very attractive young male types, coupling them with the poetic and symbolic speech of natural backdrops of landscape and fauna (e.g. When You Arrive at the Foot of a Distant Town, My Love, 2005/06). The result is a subtle and elegant game in which she subverts the traditional gender roles of representation in portraiture as established in traditional art. The charming and youthful male faces look like the posters of film idols that plaster the walls of teenage girls but are here thrust into the serious medium of painting and in synthesis with the landscape become, as a reflection of the subject, part of the external projection of desire. This aspect is moreover powerfully underscored by the titles of the paintings. The artist’s work is thus not weighed down by a gender-critical ideology, but emerges rather from the visual pleasure of mass culture being projection into the personal position of the artist and her figurative-art idiom. In her paintings, men as a whole occupy positions of passive aesthetic objects, objects of desire, surrounded often by symbolic artefacts, such as a rhinoceros horn protruding from a man’s forehead in the painting White, Black and Gray Aspects from 2005. 

Author of the annotation
Viktor Čech



since 2002 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Praze, painting studio of V. Skrepl
1995-1998 Secondary School of Applied Art Václava Hollara in Prague

from r. 2011 she is working at the National Museum Library
she is not currently active as an artist (and not active in the art world)


Solo exhibitions
Genko, Galerie NF, Ústí nad Labem

Dcery tužky (together with Magdalena Kwiatkowska), galerie 35m2, Praha

Abolishing dead borders from below, Galerie Entrance, Praha
Galerie Holec, www.galerieholec.cz, na žádost Sylvie Brodiové byla online výstava stažena

For my lucky rose, galerie A.M.18O, Praha
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
2009 - Prague bienalle, sekce česká malba, Karlin Hall, Praha, ČR
2008 - Cargo Bukurest, Bukurešť, Rumunsko
2008 - Když jsem byl malej, hrál jsem si s holkama, (výstava Jiřího Kovandy), galerie Klatovy, Klatovy, ČR
2008 - Na bidýlku (pocta Karlu Tutchovi), Galerie Jelení, Prague
2008 - INTRO 518 TEĎ 69 TEĎ* TEĎ 180 BONUS Q TRACK!,Karlin studios, Prague
2008 - AM.180 @ Art Prague 2008, také v sekci galerie Entrance, Artfactory, Prague
2008 - Diplomanti Avu, Národní Galerie v Praze, Veletržní palác
2007 - Fragments.cz ( with Jan Merta, Vladimír Skrepl, Jiří Černický, Ladislava Gažiová, Jiří Černický, Josef Bolf, Jitka Mikulicová,.) Castello di Rivara, Italy
2006 - Malířské sympozium ll.ročník, galerie Vaňkovka, Brno, 2005
2006 - Sister and Me, galerie Doubner, Praha
2006 - HOT STUFF, stanica Žilina
2005 - Ateliér Vladimíra Skrepla, galerie Šternberk, ČR


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