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Tomáš Dvořák

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alias Floex was born in Prague in 1978. He studied at the Institute of Foreign Relations at the Charles University and later studied sound at FAMU and in the new media studio of Michael Bielecki at the Academy of Creative Arts. He devotes his time to creating music, art, graphic design, and interactive installations. His nickname Floex (which he has been using since 1996) came about from combining the words float and experiment.


This clarinet player began to gradually experiment with electronic instruments and has described his musical creations as a fusion of jazz, electronic, soundtracks and easy-listening. He focuses on combining both acoustic and electronic instruments. He is a member of the Flexi band group. He received a Zlatý anděl (Golden Angel) award from the Academy of Popular Music in the category of Best New Artist for his debut record Pocustone (Quasi Delict Records, 2001), which was a follow-up to his internet-promoted demo HUB. He has also received other prestigious awards. He contributed his own original recordings to the compilation, Future Sound of Prague II and II, and has remixed songs by Ivan Král, Monkey Business, The Ecstasy of St. Theresa and ZKA4T. He composed music for the flash-based game Samorost II (Amanita Design), which won the award for best web production at the Net Festival in Seoul as well as the Flash Forward Award in the Original Sound Category (2006). Since 2002 he has also collaborated on a number of soundtracks.


He studies the interrelations between music and art and thus he often works with artists like Federico Díaz. They collaborated on the installation, Sakura, and the Turbulence project. Most recently he worked with Tomáš Vaňek on the presentation, Živá partitura (Living Score). In is own words he feels as if he’s a bridge between the contemporary visual and music worlds. He tries to achieve the binding together of culture, which is divided into the fragments of specialised „areas of expertise.“ In his installations he addresses the issue of happenchance (coincidence) in art. He has taken inspiration from John Cage as well as the algorithmic art of Zdeněk Sýkora. He often explores it in relation to a specific pre-defined set of rules.


He broke into the multi-media installation environment with his project Křížovatka (Crossroads - 2002), which focuses on musically scoring the traffic at a road intersection. A set of four cameras at the crossroads films the colours of the cars and musical information is attached to each of the six basic colours. The composition thanks to constantly-changing, open musical works is thus created in real time by passing cars. This information is complemented by recorded sound structures. He created an artistic internet project about Prague for the exhibit of global town web-design „Mycity,“ which was organised in 2000 in the Brasilian Centro Culturo Banco do Brasil. He is also creator of the interactive musical installations and performances, RGB 1.0 and RGB 2.0.


Author of the annotation
Lenka Dolanová



Institute of Humanities, Charles University Prague
2002-2007 Academy of Fine Arts Prague, atelier of new media of Michael Bielicky

Activities / Employment:
2013 begins to work with Denovali Records
2003 Floex became member of Soundtoys, a group of artists focusing on music and sound in the art context.
2001 releases debut album Pocustone
1996 started to compose electronic music

2001 Angel Award for debut album Pocustone
Nomination to Europian Qwartz Awards
Member of art groups not included in ARTLIST.
členem kapely Floexí band


Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Kyev KIMAF festival of new media

Transmediale 2003, Berlin New Media Festival

"Mycity" - "the first world citywebdesign exhibition", Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
Other realisations



Zorya (Amanita Design, Minority Records)



Machinarium Soundtrack (Amanita Design, Minority Records)



Samorost II Soundtrack (Amanita Design, Quazidelict records)



Pocustone (Quazidelict records)




Sedlák, Pavel: Nové umění z kráteru, A2 kulturní týdeník, 40/2008


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