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Tomáš Moravec

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Tomáš Moravec’s work is characterised by several interconnected lines. The most distinctive is a kind of vision of spatial and situational design. His older projects relate to a change in public space and its dispositions. However, these changes do not reside in a radical and all-embracing slash through the surface, but rather in the creation of discreet deviations that change its perception. For Moravec public space represents a conceptual situation understood stereotypically in its unchanging function, and he deconstructs this belief by his interventions. In his older work Nalajnováno / Tagged (2008), he refashioned an enclosed, unused grassed area into a football pitch. The performance Situations (2008), which he realised while on a research fellowship in Bratislava, consisted of an illusory change of space using masked light from a projector.

Light became a pivotal element of the installation The White Man’s Disease, presented at the exhibition of finalists of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award in 2008. The illuminated interventions of simple and non-narrative images changing the public space were presented in the gallery by means of photographic documentation. The light forms were created in a simple way, by masking the light flow of the car-battery powered projector. This process emerged and disappeared rapidly and at heart was performative. The event generated a certain randomness in terms of the resulting light shapes, and introduced an element of poetry into proceedings. However, in the artist’s interpretation the work also references the question of how advanced western civilisation treats the environment, as the title implies.

There is also a poetic quality to the fragile installation Surveying Points (2014): the unsteady tripod captures the illusion of a starry sky. In the video both the construction and the illusion of the cosmos itself collapse by virtue of the artist’s intervention. The relationship of cosmic distances and close, quotidian reality also subtly appears in Náhradní měsíc / Spare Moon (2012). Though this work examines the issue of scale and measurability, it operates above all as an associative visual situation.

The formal code that Moravec uses most often is the language of functionality. The simplicity, almost austerity, of the outcomes of his work is conditional upon their function and the course of the situation in which they play a role. The vanguard of the spatial and material relations are conceptual situations. In Tak já to pouštím / So I’ll Release You (2011) the mechanical belt of a garbage sorting centre is exposed to an unexpected situation in the form of cardboard boxes that have not been broken down and are tied with rope. A kind of Sisyphean myth results that consists of the repeated attempts by the belt to carry the boxes upwards and the resulting failure. The video presents us with a simple, absurd theatre of machine and box that demonstrates the emergence of deviations in the default setting of functionality.

The performance To vydrží / That’ll Hold (2011) takes the form of a meaningless act in which Moravec, with the aid of a strange construction on his back, keeps ping-pong balls in the air using a blower and films everything on camcorder. The model of a simple principle, means, and a difficult to define purpose to the entire event is repeated. The work is reminiscent of a game or exercise that, like the interventions referred to above, effects a shift in stereotypical views of the quotidian without any radical interposition.

Another one of a series of absurd performances, and possibly Moravec’s best known projects (widely shared on social media), is the video of Palette (2008). The artist created a palette on wheels constructed specially for the narrow-gauge tram line in Bratislava. In the video he rolls around the city on it creating a humorous and imaginative impression but also presenting a subversive use and misuse of a set system.

Moravec describes one of his conceptual methods as associative physics. He is inspired by phenomena that he demonstrates in a slightly modified environment or using other initiators. These do not represent simply a generally valid principle, but diverse subjective interpretations. In Otázka líbivosti pláště / The Question of Superficial Attraction (2012–2015), the artist works with the phenomenon of implosion, to which he subjects industrially produced silver canisters. The canisters are shrunk by a mysterious force without the intervention of the human hand. In reality this is caused by the imbalance between the internal and external temperature of the canister, which creates pressure causing the canister to implode. The installation Repetitive Failure (2015) comprises eight balanced canisters exposed to the effect of implosion for different lengths of time. They thus demonstrate the gradual stages of deformation. The result is a spatial storyboard that acts as a metaphor for the relationship between internal human life and its detailed external circumstances.

Moravec examined spatial perception, consciousness and memory in Sketches in Bronze (2012–2015). The first stage was the process of installing monumental drapery, the shape of which he changed several times during the exhibition at Šaloun Atelier, thus creating variations on a theme. The visually incomprehensible part beneath a black canvas was a hypothetical inversion, something that is present without the possibility of direct transcription. The second stage of the project involved the modelling of different versions of the drapes with template only in the form of photographs. The models were cast in bronze and exhibited with the photographs.

Whether this was a material, light or event, the artist created from individual spheres of research model situations in which elements representing this or that sphere were placed in a mutual relationship. His projects thus have the character of case studies that comment on aspects of human perception and the relationship between the individual and his or her surroundings.

Author of the annotation
František Fekete



Phd – Academy of fine Arts in Prague (AVU) 

MgA. Academy of Arts (AVU), Prague – Intermedia department (studio of: Jiří Příhoda)

BcA. – Institute of Art and Design (UUD), Pilsen – Multimedia design (studio of: A. Matasová, D. Zahoranský, M. Pěchouček)

Artist-in-res­i­den­ce, internships, workshops:
AIR - Studios Das Weisse Haus, Vienna (A)AIR - Triangle Arts Association, NYC (USA), VARP

AIR - FKSE, Budapest (H), VARP

Guest professor studio, Academy of Arts in Prague – Marcus Geiger (CZ)

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava –  Ateliér IN - Szábolcs KissPál (SK)

Art Camp, Pilsen – Yummi Roth, Adéla Matasová (CZ)Sommerakademie, Plauen, Germany - Dora Maurer (D)

The James and Audrey Foster Prize 2015 – ICA Boston (USA) - work Pallet (2008) selected into finalist's exhibition

Finalist of EXIT 2009 prize

Finalist of Jindřich Chalupecký award 2008 – Reflex magazine readers prize
Art ON! / International film festival Bratislava – viewers prize


Solo exhibitions
Realm of Futility (Ivan Kafka, Guest: Tomáš Moravec), Entrance Gallery, Praha, CZ
Plastic film, Gallery Školská 28, Praha CZ

Cast, Gallery Lauby, Ostrava CZ
Sketches in bronze, DADS gallery, Liberec, CZ
Question of superficial affection – extended, bb15 gallery, Linz, A

Handle with care and criricism (with Matěj Al-Ali and Petr Dub) – Prádelna Bohnice, Praha, CZ

Question of superficial affection – Gallery OFF/Format, Brno, CZ
From head to toe (with Matěj Al-Ali) – Theatre Alfréd ve dvoře, Prague, CZ
Opencall (with Matěj Al-Ali) – Gallery Weltecho, Chemnitz, D
Prospect – Plusminusnula Gallery, Žilina, SK

Beds and Folds (with Matěj Al-Ali) – Jelení gallery, Prague, CZ
Dividing – Vitrína Deniska, Olomouc, CZ

Spare month – Fotograf gallery, Prague, CZ
Subject to alterations –FKSE Studio, Budapest, H
Pre-postures –Telep gallery, Budapest, H
Echoes of entropy (with Matěj Al-Ali and Petr Dub) – Gallery of critics, Prague, CZ
It lasts – 207 gallery, Prague, CZ

If (training in materials and tools) (with Roman Štětina) – Meetfactory, Cube gallery, Prague, CZ
Accidental deception (with Matěj Al-Ali) – Altán Klamovka, Prague, CZ
Puncture tyres (with Roman Štětina) – Space gallery, Bratislava, SK

Reserve pair of socks (with Matěj Al-Ali) – Entrance gallery, Prague, CZ

Konvikt resident – PAF, Olomouc, CZ
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Irreversible shift, The House of the Lords of Kunštát, Brno CZ
Monument II, UART 2016 The Third Zhongshan International Young Artist Exhibition, Guangdong CN
Aparatus for a utopian image, Elisabeth Foundation Project space, NYC USA
Monument: škola gest, Czech China Contemporary, Peking CN
Hairy ball theorem, Gallery U bílého jednorožce, Klatovy CZ

Screen City Festival, Stavanger NOR
Zen Plzeň, Plzeň CZ
Chasing Max Mustermann, Graz A
Movement is beautiful – Galerie 99, Brno CZ
The James and Audrey Foster Prize 2015 – ICA Boston, USA
Distant observers – Gallery of modern art in Roudnice nad Labem, CZ

Fatal jump from a stool – Trafó gallery, Budapest, H
About the chair – 9th International Biennial of photography and visual arts - Liège, B
Zone in motion – DOX, Centre for contemporary art, Prague, CZ

Poison Green – Czech Center Gallery, New York, USA
Non-subjective cinema – Gallery TIC, Brno, CZ

Use your illusion – bb15 - Space for Contemporary Art, Linz, A
Graduates AVU – National Gallery – Veletržní palace, Prague, CZ
6th Zlín youth salon – Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín, CZ

Happiness – 4+4 days in motion festival, Prague, CZ
Finally together – Armaturka gallery, Ústí nad Labem, CZ
Placcc festival – Budapest, H
25.6.2011 – Galerie2 – Prague quadriennale, Prague, CZ
Syndrom povlacenja – Salon 77, Niš, SRB
Raum:selbst – Brno house of arts, Brno, CZ

The Reply – Bell Street project space, Vienna, A
Scherneschnitte 3 - Des Kaisers neue Kleider – Oberhafen Kantine, Hamburg, D
Exit a.a.O. - Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, D
Trial trail – Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna, A

Telescopic studio – Václav Špála gallery, Prague, CZ
Exit 2009 – Armaturka gallery, Ústí nad Labem, CZ
Sculptures in the streets - Brno Art Open, Brno, CZ

Jindrich Chalupecký award, Final 2008 – Dům Pánu z Kunštátu, Brno, CZ
10+10 – U Bílého jednorožce gallery, Klatovy, CZ

2007 Just between us – Karlín Studios, Prague, CZ
Other realisations

Other presentations:

Mřížka - kurátorská selekce videí pro MDF Ji.hlava
Neklidná figura současnosti - debata, prezentace
PechaKucha Night Prague vol. 48

Zlínský salon mladých, prezentace laureátů


Pěstuj prostor, Plzeň (CZ)
Modularita a využití modulárních jednotek v současné architektonické praxi, Karlín Studios, Praha (CZ)


Závěrečná prezentatce – Studios Das Weisse Haus, Vídeň (A)
Prostor pro: umění1 – Moravská galerie, Brno (CZ)
Supper Club (2): The Hybrid proposition – TBA21 Augarten Contemporary, Vídeň, (A)
Autorská videoprojekce – Školská 28 Komunikační prostor, Praha (CZ)
Openstudios – Trinagle Arts Association, New York (USA)
Stezka odvahy / prezentace – Offcity Architekti, Pradubice (CZ)


Stezka odvahy / prezentace – Meetfactory, Praha (CZ)
Stezka odvahy / prezentace – PAF, Olomouc (CZ)
UMA: Dialogy – workshop Is medium the message? – Prádelna Bohnice, Praha (CZ)
CULBURB projektové setkání – Architektur Zentrum Wien, Vídeň (A)
Rozdělovací – Autorská prezentace, Olomouc (CZ)
PechaKucha night – Plzeň (CZ)


Visual manual – DOX, Praha (CZ)
Rewind vol.16 – Moravská galerie, Brno (CZ)

PechaKucha night – Stanica Zárečie, Žilina (SK)



Videoart match vol.4 – Banská Bystrica, (SK)



Mezinárodní filmový festival – Bratislava (SK)



Území nikoho / Jednovečení proejkce ve veřejném prostoru – Plzeň (CZ)



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