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Veronika Bromová Šrek

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Bromová Šrek
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body art
installation art
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About artist

The artist works with various creative and technical materials. Her tools are the image, sound, installations, and above all else new media (digital photography, video, etc.) and multimedia. Bromová devotes her time to the specific iconography of the body, which she inspects with the help of technical imaging. Actually this is a sort of confrontation between the body and the camera (even a violent confrontation). The technical apparatus (the camera) opens previously unknown views into a micro-world, the organism’s interior ... it maximises details. In a symbiosis with the body, however, mutations, montages, interchanging of identity and loss of intimacy come about. Playing with the camera evokes satisfaction, yet also means a memento. A view below the body’s surface, into its trembling interior ... we know this also from scientific and anatomical imaging: also from tricks done in popular entertainment. As if the body were stripped of its skin. At the same time this process also transforms I, the artist and the viewer. The I becomes a quasi-theatrical role, in which stylisation and auto-stylisation take place. Exhibitionism or rather a desire to perform plays out. These processes are of course the basis of interhuman communication, yet here they fall apart. The body still alone reposes in a virtual space; ultimately it becomes imprisoned. This brings about the body’s deformation. The body reacts with futile, expressive screams (which probably also represents a commentary on certain gender stereotypes). Privacy and intimacy become a barrier. Attempts to publish the deformed and provocative body are meant to lead to the provocative destruction of this closely-guarded boundary. Artefacts comment attempts to break down barriers, borders and limits between the public and private space, the border between convention and traditional roles, etc. This however is never fully achieved; nonetheless, a delight tied to this effort remains.

Author of the annotation
Václav Hájek



2001-present Head of the New Media Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
1987-1993 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Studio of J. Šalamoun
1982-1986 College and High art school of Vaclav Hollar

1999 First place in competition for 58. Venice Biennial of Contemporary Art.
1997 Finalist for the Jindřich Chalupecký prize.
1995 Grammy 95 – Česká republika, Best CD cover.

Grants, stipends:
1998 Grant City of Prague
three month residency at International Studio Program, New York.
Additional grant from the Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts
1997 Annual grant, Soros centre of Contemporary Art, Praha.
1995 Special grant, Soros centre of Contemporary Art, Prague
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, artist exchange in cooperation with National Gallery Prague


Solo exhibitions
AUTOBIOGRAPH, Kunsthalle Krems-Factory, Krems

EFFECT DEFECT, Czech center, Berlin
EFFECT DEFECT, Behemot gallery, Prague
TOGETHER, with Martin Mainer, KrausErben Gallery, Dresden

EFFECT DEFECT, Feichtner and Mizrahy Gallery-Breuner Palace, Vienna Kousky mě - kousky N.Y.C., Moravská galerie Brno (catalogue).

Kousky mě - kousky N.Y.C., New York University Prague, (catalogue).
Místa na zemi, Šlova galerie, Praha
Místa na zemi, Sokolská 26 Gallerie Ostrava

ZEMZOO, Pavillion Czech Republic, 48. Venice Bienial of The Contemporary Art, Venice (catalogue).
ZEMZOO, JAMA 10 Gallery, Ostrava (catalogue).
Kousky mě - kousky N.Y.C.

Půzné, Městská galerie, Polička.
Kráska a zvíře, Galerie v kapli, Bruntál.
ZEMZOO, Nová sín Gallery, Prague (catalogue).

VERONIKA BROMOVÁ – Photography, G4 Gallery, Cheb.
Na hraně obzoru, GHMP, pražská radnice (catalogue).

OUT OF PHOTO 1, Mala stanica Gallery, Soros centr, Skopje, Macedonia.
ROZA EXTASY, Verlyba Gallery, Prague.
Milenci, s K. Vincourovou a M. Othovou, JNJ galerie, Praha
Měsíc fotografie, Galerie Michalský dvor, Bratislava (catalogue).

Dokola, s M.Othovou, Galerie Radost, Praha

Tajné fotoalbum, Supraclub Gallery, Prague.
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
ABSOLUT GENERATIONS, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, (catalogue)
CLICK, Muzeum a Galerie v Policce, Policka
WEAK AND AGGRESSIVE, Zverev Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
REACENTLY DEVELOPED, Feichtner and Mizrahi, Vienna
MAIS QUELLE TETE TU FAIS!, Galerie le Garage, Toulouse

CORPS ET TRACES, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nancy
INSIDEOUT, Bunkr, Berlin.
GIRLS RIDE, Palace Tivoli, Ljubljana

TO FLOW TO, Chromosome Gallery, Berlin.
Umělci pro Umělce (podpora časopisu Umělec - aukce, Tvrdohlavý Gallery, Prague (catalogue).
ANTEPRIMA BOVISA – MILANO EUROPA 2000, Trienale Palace, Milano (catalogue),
ARCO, Feichtner and Mizrahi Gallery-Vienna, Chuan Carlos Parc, Madrid (catalogue).
NO FLASH, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kyjev.
THE NUDE IN THE CZECH PHOTOGRAPHY, Museum of City Olomouc, (catalogue).
BOHEMIAN BIRDS, Dresdner bank, Frankfurt am Main (catalogue).

TRANSGLOBE, Mánes Gallery, Prague (catalogue).
JEUX D AMOUR, Wigmore Fine Art, Battersea Art Center, London (catalogue).
GIRLS SHOW, National Gallery, Bucuresti.
Konec světa? Národní galerie Praha, Kinsky Palác (catalogue).
GIRLS SHOW, Emil Fila Gallery, Ústí nad Labem.
ARTFORUM, Feichtner-Mizrahy Gallery, Berlin (catalogue).
AFTER THE WALL, Hamburger Banhof, Berlin, (catalogue).
Aktuální nekonečno, GHMP Praha (catalogue).
PERMANENT EXHIBITION OF ART 19. and 20. Century, National Gallery-Veletrzní Palace, Prague.
Cena Jindřicha Chalupeckého - Finalisté, Veletrzní Palác NG Praha
STORY, NoD Gallery, Prague.
Akt v české fotografii, Císařské konírny Pražského hradu (catalogue).
BOHEMIAN BIRDS, Kunst Haus Dresden, Dresden (catalogue).

DUSK, Centre of Contemporary Art, Seattle.
CZ 99 – ARTLAB, Venceslas Squere. 15, Praha.
AFTER THE WALL, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (catalogue).
LOVE and DESIRE, Gallery Photology, Milan.
WITHOUT THE WALL, annual exhibition SCSU, Marble Palace, St. Petersburg (catalogue).
RONDO, Ludwig Muzeum, Budapest..

Tělo ve fotografii, Fotofest Prague–Kolín nad Labem,
Salmovsky Palace, Prague (catalogue)
Vyvinuto, České centum Berlín
FICTION INTIMÉE, Fundation J. Miró, Barcelona,
Centre George Pompidou in Espace Elektra, Paris (catalogue).
ART OF THE WORLD ´98, Passage de Retz, Paris (catalogue- apendix of Beaux Art magazine).
Czech Art IN THE 90´, Prague City Gallery, permanent exhibitions,
Golden Ring Hous, Prague (catalogue).
CLOSE ECHOES, Prague City Gallery, City Library building, Prague (catalogue).
CLOSE ECHOES, Kunsthalle Krems, Krems (catalogue).
Tělo jako důkaz, Muzeum umění Olomouc (catalogue).
Jistoty a hledání v české fotografii, Berlin (catalogue).
Pražský dům fotografie, otevření nového prostoru, Praha (catalogue).

Cena Jindřicha Chalupeckého -výstava finalistů, Pražský hrad.
Anděl, anděl, Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague.
Jistoty y hledání v české fotografii, Bratislava (catalogue).
SYMPTOMY, HI-TECH/ART, House of the Art, Brno.
INTROSPEKCE, Prazáks Palace, Moravien Gallery, Brno (catalogue).
CHIMERA, Midleeuropa Photographies, Halle (catalogue).
PARALELY PRAGUE - PARIS, Czech Center, Paris (catalogue).
Jistoty a hledání v české fotografii, Dům umění města Brna (catalogue).

Jistotty a hledání v české fotografii, Pražský hrad (catalogue).
EXTERIOR versus INTERIOR, Cosmos Gallery, Bratislava (catalogue).
ORBIS FICTUS EXTRACTUS, Městská galerie v Poličce
Zlínský salon umění, Zlín (catalogue).
URBAN LEGENDEN – PRAG, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (catalogue).

ORBIS FICTUS, Valdštejnská jízdárna, II. Výroční výstava SCSU Praha,
new media in contemporary art, Prague (catalogue).
DIVUS-BAZAR, Libenský ostrov, Praha
BORDERS of PHOTOGRAPHY, Prague House Photography, Prague.
Zkušební provoz, Mánes Praha (catalogue).
Čistý zisk, MXM Gallery, Praha (catalogue).
Bienále mladých umělců, Jan Koniarik Gallery, Trnava (catalogue).

Bienále mladých umělců / ZVON 94, GHMP, U kameného zvonu Praha
Náhubek, Fragnerova galerie, Praha (catalogue).
Ženské domovy, Štenc House Prague,
Předpoklady skutečnosti, Obecni House Gallery, Praha.

LIBRARII, The Globe – englische literary cofee, exhibition of book project, Prague.
Výstava diplomních prací VŠUP Praha
EUROTICA 93, Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam.
Nová jména, Pražský dům fotografie.

Její bratr jeho manžel, Špálovqa galerie Praha
Ženské domovy, Kulturní centrum v Ženských domovech Praha.
Kolumbovo vejce, Béhémot Gallery, Praha (catalogue).

Fotografická výstava, Modes Robes Gallery, Praha.
Gallery of the City of Prague,
Museum of Art Olomouc,
City Gallery Polička,
Centre Georges Pompidou Paris,
Czech National Gallery,
Moderna Museet Stockholm,
private collections,
Vodka Absolut Collection
Other realisations


1998 ZEMZOO, katalog.

1997 Umělci sobě – „N.Y.„, pro časopis Umělec.

1995 „Výlet„, umělecký projekt pro časopis Divus.

1993 Máj, K.H.Mácha, umělecká publikace, illustrace - grafický design.

1992-97 Umělecká a grafická práce pro YAZZYK magazine.

1991Spoluzakladatelka literárně-uměleckého časopisu YAZZYK.




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