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Silvina Arismendi

First Name
Birth place
Montevideo, Uruguay
Place of work
New York
conceptual art
installation art
CSU Library
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About artist

Silvina Arismendi ranks among the multi-directional artists. She often uses a strategy of minor interventions in reality (U Kuliové, Štítkovačka) and conceptually-toned series inspired by closely watching the world around her (documentation on colour tests). She relishes in developing situations that allow her to communicate directly with her audience. This was the case with the project cincuentacincuenta (fifty-fifty), where per special order she painted colourful squares directly on the wall of a friend’s house. A similar situation occurred when she held her birthday party in a gallery, where she had invited unwitting visitors (Díky, že jste přišli– Thanks for coming). Another source of inspiration for her is the tension between her far-away homeland and the place where she currently lives. She used this theme in the project –scape*. In this project she brought the blueprint for her family home to the gallery. Or one time she used manipulated photographs to fill Prague’s streets with palm trees. Her work depicting her constant state of moving bears similar themes (Things made by people, Stěhování- Moving). Cleaning sponges have become her favourite subject and also favourite sculpting medium (installation of floors in the Jelení Gallery, in Bratislava’s Hit Gallery, or as part of the Indikace (Indication) exhibit in a former dental clinic).

Author of the annotation
Zuzana Štefková



2001-2007 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio Vladimír Skrepl/Jiri Kovanda
2005 School of Fine Arts, Kankaanpaa, Finland
2004 Informal Architecture workshop with Marjetica Potrc, International Summer Academy in Salzburg, Austria
2005 School of Fine Arts, Kankaanpaa, Finland
1996-2000 Escuela de Bellas Artes, Montevideo, Uruguay

Awards, grants and stipends:
2009 Pocket Utopia, Two-week residency program and exhibition organized by Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2008 Futura Residence, Castle Trebesice, Czech Republic
2007 and 2005 Nomenee for the Essl Award Czech Republic

2000-2007 UNESCO Scholarship for Studies Abroad, Czech Embassy, Montevideo, Uruguay


Solo exhibitions
Dos, Espacio de Arte Comtemporáneo, Montevideo Uruguay
Uno, Project room with Harto____espacio in ARTBO, curated by Maria Iovino
Things named after numbers, PS122, Two-Person Exhibition, New York

Part-time artist, Gallery AM180, Prague, Czech Republic

Antajtl, Borivojova Experimental Space, Prague, Czech Republic
Some girls wander by mistake, Galerie mladych,Brno,Czech Republic

První jarní den, Galerie Eskort, Brno, Czech Republic

Thanks for coming, Galerie im Alcatraz, Hallein, Austria
Jelenovi pivo nelej(Czech palindrome), Galerie Jeleni(with Eva Kotatkova), Prague, Czech Republic

The things made by people, Galerie Jelení, Prague, Czech Republic
Group exhibitions not included in ARTLIST.
Vistas, Contemporary art by Latin American artists, University of Maryland University College, Arts Program Gallery

Prague Biennale 5, Prague, Czech Republic

Now or Never, Rincón Projects, Bogotá, Colombia
Circulo de Bellas Artes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

789 Beijing Biennale, Beijing, China
Melting the Pot, Czech Cultural Center, Manhattan, NY
Pocket Utopia, Two-week residency program and exhibition organized by Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Brooklyn, NY

Move on, Futura Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
BACfestival, Barcelona, Spain
La Otra, Bogota, Colombia
163mt2, Galerie Stermberk, Czech Republic
When I was a little boy, I used to play with girls,Curated by Jiri Kovanda, Klatovy, Czech Republic
Contemporary Czech Cubism, Old town City hall Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

I don't exist when you don't see me, FUTURA Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Gross Domestic Product, Moscow, Russia
Gross Domestic Product, Galerie hlavního mesta Praha, Prague,Czech Republic
Essl award, exhibition of the 10 finalist, Prague, CR
Proces-Symposium, Holesovicka Trznice, Prague, CR
Moda nemoda, Galerie C2C, Prague, CR
The one minutes award, The one minutes Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Plastic people, Galerie C2C, Prague, Czech Republic
4+4+4 dny v pohybu: Ordinacni hodiny, Prague, Czech Republic
Art video screening 2006, Vasteras, Sweden
Vecné stavy, Karlin Studios, Prague, Czech Republic
Office art, Galerie C2C, Prague, Czech Republic

*-scape, Galerie AVU, Prague, Czech Republic
Sister & Me, Galerie Doubner, Prague, Czech Republic
Prijte se podivat!, Galerie ETC with Magdalena Kwiatkowska, Prague, Czech Republic
Aspirace na vecnost, Moravská Galerie, Brno, Czech Republic
Essl award, exhibition of the 10 finalist for CR, Prague, Czech Republic
Full flavor, Galeria Hit, Bratislava, Slovakia

Obsese sberu, ONG, Jihlava, Czech Republic

Vytah, Alternative space for art, Prague, Czech Republic
Other realisations

Curatorial projects:



Somewhere between the beach and the highway,Jiri Kovanda, galería parásito/EAC, Montevideo, Uruguay

Ideological graffitti,Carlos motta, galería parásito/Berlinskej Model, Prague Czech Republic



Luis Camnitzer,galería parásito/TranzitDisplay, Prague, Czech Republic



These Krasni Czechs, Paula Delgado, co-curated with Tomas Dzadon, galería parásito/Hunt Kastner Artworks, Prague, Czech Republic

Three-hour exhibition Svatopluk Mykita(Co-Curated with Omar López-Chahoud), galería parásito/PS122 Gallery, NYC

Everness, Alejandro Cesarco, co-curated with Tomas Dzadon, galería parásito/ETC Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic



Micro residencias parasit(i)o, co-curated with Joaquín Luzoro, Artist in Residence for working in situ at the gallery space, galería parásito/MeetFactory. Prague, Czech Republic

Do not believe him, he does not write, he just draw words, Juan Manuel Romero,co-curated with Tomas Dzadon, galería parásito/Entrance gallery, Prague, Czech Republic



Correo Domestico (Czech version), galería parásito/No-D. Prague, Czech Republic



Konec skolního roku, NoD Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic



Jiří Ptáček: Silvina Arismendi, Umělec, 2/2004


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